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Purchased a New Air Conditioner? Schedule Routine Care

Keep your new unit in top shape!

Congratulations! You’ve made the leap and upgraded your outdated air conditioner to a newer and more efficient model. A brand new AC unit is an investment. Be sure to support this important purchase with proper maintenance.

Most people mistakenly treat new air conditioning units like buying a new television – they set it and forget it. This results in a gradual breakdown of the fine-tuned mechanics of the unit over the years.

A properly maintained HVAC unit, even in Alabama, may be able to run at peak efficiency for at least 15 years. On the other hand, improperly maintained and neglected air conditioners can burn out early.

Good news! Keith Air Conditioning, Alabama’s trusted HVAC provider specializing in air conditioner maintenance and repairs, provides an affordable and easy option. Join an AC maintenance agreement plan to complement your newly installed unit. This will keep your new unit running at its best and preserve its useful lifespan.

Air Conditioner Service Plan Perks

  • Filter and coil changes and cleaning. The filters remove impurities from the air inside your home. They also protect the air conditioner system from excess dirt or foreign particles.

    Clogs and excess debris cause a lag in the efficiency of your AC unit. Dirt and grime also collect on the outside coils. This reduces efficiency. Anything negatively affecting efficiency costs you more money.

    Our NATE-certified HVAC technicians do any work required in filter, coil and vent maintenance. This is part of routine services in your maintenance plan.

  • Twice annual complete inspections. If you wait until your air conditioner is malfunctioning to schedule an inspection, chances are the repairs required will cost more. Avoid this when you keep up with a biannual inspection schedule in a Keith Air Conditioning maintenance agreement plan.

  • Priority repair and installation services at no additional cost. Other HVAC contractors upcharge for emergency repair services. This may run your HVAC repair bill at least hundreds of dollars above normal.

    The response time for emergency air conditioner repair services with other companies also tends to be delayed, especially during summer months.

    With a Keith Air Conditioning maintenance agreement plan, you receive 24/7, 365-days/year priority repair and installation services. Plus, you receive a 15 percent discount on all parts and a one-year guarantee as a maintenance plan participant.

Keith Air Conditioning Can Keep Your New Air Conditioner in Top Condition

Don’t waste your investment by skipping routine HVAC services. Let Keith Air Conditioning, servicing the wider Mobile area, take care of all the needed aspects of your new air conditioner. With the wide array of benefits, the most practical option is to take advantage of Keith Air Conditioning annual maintenance plan.

This agreement will give you the comprehensive coverage your air conditioning unit needs. Keith Air Conditioning is here to keep you and your family cool for decades.

Contact Keith Air Conditioning today to get started!

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Heating and Air Preventative Maintenance Lessons

HVAC school is in session

HVAC systems are essential to keep you cool during sweltering hot months throughout Alabama. While the systems can seem expensive, they’ve become commonplace in American households. In fact, nearly 90% of new homes are built with central heating and air nationwide.

Think you got what it takes to pass a heating and air studies class? Start taking notes! We’re going to give you a crash course on preventative maintenance.

Heating and Air Strategies to Start Today

  • Purchase the Right Filters. First thing you should know to replace your furnace filter regularly, depending on the type of filter you use. Each product is rated according to an industry scale known as the Minimum Efficiency Reporting Value (MERV) rating.

    These range from 1-16 based on the level of microscopic particles the filter will block. Typically, MERV 8 is standard on most residential furnace filters. This grade normally lasts three months.

    Be advised, use a stronger grade or replace it sooner if you smoke, have a large family or pets. Those with allergies, asthma or other illnesses benefit from regular filter changes too.

  • Control the Thermostat. After your furnace, the thermostat is the next most important piece of equipment. Keep it at a consistent and comfortable level. Keep in mind, the lower the temperature, the more work coils do to cool the air.

    This translates into a higher electric bill at the end of the month. If you decided to lower the temperature, try to do a degree at a time. Drastically lowering the thermostat by many degrees at once will not make it cool any faster. It just wastes energy.

  • Digital Heating and Air Tools. To make the most of temperature control, invest in a digital thermostat. You can program it to automatically adjust the temperature at certain times of the day. Some are Wi-Fi-enabled. This allows you to adjust it remotely using a smartphone app.

Is Your Heating and Air System Ready for an Update?

Your heating and air quality is only as good as the equipment. After numerous repairs and part replacements, wear and tear may be too much. Units older than 10 years typically are less efficient as well. Contact Keith Air Conditioning today to schedule an inspection and get an estimate on an energy-efficient model.

Your local trusted HVAC contractor is happy to educate you on the science of heating and air systems. Reading how components operate will help you better understand how to lower your energy bill. If you’ve tried all these steps and still encounter issues, contact Keith Air Conditioning to schedule an appointment with one of our HVAC experts.

Contact Keith Air Conditioning today.

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Air Conditioning Going Strong – Prep for Fall

Now’s a great time to service and update

The Alabama heat is still here! Therefore your air conditioning is likely running longer and working harder to keep you cool inside your Baldwin county home. No one wants air conditioning maintenance expenses heading into the holidays. Warm weather is expected to continue for several weeks so book a service appointment now.

Keith Air Conditioning has expert technicians to handle all your AC needs. Dating back to 1964, we have an established reputation for excellence. We think you’ll find September is the perfect time to schedule an annual maintenance visit.

We’ll do a basic system cleaning and give an honest assessment of your equipment. We will inspect and test all components. Your technician will lubricate the relevant components and look for signs of excessive wear and tear.

Think it’s time for an upgrade? Ask about our selection of Carrier units. We can take measurements and perform the necessary calculations to recommend the correct size for your home. There are many options available in heat pumps, central air conditioners and ductless AC units.   

Did You Know Seasonal Conditions Affect Air Conditioning Functionality?

Here are just a few things to monitor:

  • Lifespan of Filters: You may experience an increase in particle buildup in filters. This leads to clogs and wasted energy. If left unchecked, clogs can back up deep into ducts and damage the coils.

    Generally, you should replace air conditioning filters every 1-3 months. Frequency depends on the size and layout of your home, the filter you choose and usual contaminants. For example, if you smoke, have pets or live in a high-pollen area, you should change your filter monthly.

  • Condenser and Debris: The condenser is the “metal box” outside. It cycles warm inside air through the refrigerant and cools it into a liquid state to pass through the coils. Because the unit is outside, dirt and yard waste can fall inside the grille. This prevents optimal airflow from the fan.

    Seasonally, and due to hurricane storm activity, leaves and particles will naturally fall and clutter the unit. You can easily prevent serious damage. Just trim back foliage and do some general yard work around the outside unit. 
  • Energy Efficiency: Your air conditioning issues might not come from the system itself. Instead, they may come from how you operate it. Be smart about conserving energy, especially over the summer and fall.

    During these hot months, you may be tempted to open a few windows. First, consider the humidity and dew point levels. Also think about air quality. If anyone in your home is allergic to ragweed, for example, it’s a bad time to open windows!

    Also, many people forget to turn off the air conditioning when they open windows. This is, of course, a waste of electricity on the cooled air going back outside.

Keith Air Conditioning Conditioning is Here When You Need Us

If you’ve tried all these steps and still encounter cooling issues, contact Keith Air Conditioning to schedule an appointment with one of our HVAC experts.

Since 1964, we’ve proudly served the greater Baldwin County area as the leading name in heating and air comfort. Our NATE-certified technicians are standing by for repair and tune-ups on any brand of residential or commercial air conditioning systems.   

Summer is closing fast, and fall is just around the corner. Stay comfortable all year long with Keith Air Conditioning!

Finally, our all-star team is here to help you with routine maintenance, urgent repair after hours or a whole new HVAC system installation. We can’t wait to hear from you!

Contact Keith Air Conditioning today.

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Ductless Air Conditioners Are Cool

Do you have a room or area of your home, which never gets cool enough? This is often the case in room additions, sunrooms and tight areas where ducts are not an option. Ductless air conditioners are an increasingly popular choice for homeowners seeking an increase in comfort as well as a better level of energy-efficiency.

The popularity of these systems makes sense with so many reasons to include ductless air conditioners as an integral part of your cooling system. Learn more about the benefits and consider adding a ductless unit to your home or business. If you haven’t heard what the buzz is all about, tune in to the top reasons ductless air conditioners are a favorite among homeowners in-the-know.

3 Reasons to Choose Ductless Air Conditioners For Your Home Today:

#1 Reason for Ductless Air Conditioners: Reduce your carbon footprint and save some serious money!

First, ductless air conditioning systems don’t need ducts (hence the name ductless) because they don’t emit fuels or gas to operate. This can dramatically improve your energy efficiency. These ductless systems are required to meet SEER (Seasonal Energy Efficiency Ratio) and HSPF (Heating Season Performance Factor) standards. With all this energy efficiency, you can save on your monthly energy bills to the tune of 30 percent!

#2 Reason for Ductless Air Conditioners: Improve the quality of your life and air

Second, improving the air quality in your home is important for a multitude of reasons. These include overall happiness, home enjoyment and even your health and wellbeing. Keep every zone of your home cool and comfortable with ductless air conditioners working perfectly for those hard-to-reach areas.

#3 Reason for Ductless Air Conditioners: Add a new layer of security to your home security

Third, security is a hot topic on nearly every homeowner’s mind these days. Ductwork is often a breach in the security of a home leaving an opening for bad actors to find their way in. Ductless air conditioners, as opposed to their traditional counterparts, require no exterior access to your home making them a safer and more secure option.

While these are three reasons homeowners are opting for ductless air conditioners more and more, there are more great reasons to add ductless air conditioners to your home goals sooner than later. Going ductless requires little maintenance, is flexible to fit almost any home configuration and is an unobtrusive addition to your home in both size and sound.

Ductless air conditioners, because they don’t require any ductwork, are also extremely easy to install with little downtime during installation.

Curious About Ductless Air Conditioners: Contact Keith Air Conditioning

To explore if ductless air conditioners are a good option for your heating and cooling needs, just ask the air conditioning experts at Keith Air Conditioning for a free consultation. Since 1964, we’ve helped homeowners stay cool with the best options available including ductless air conditioning systems. Keep in mind we offer many financing options to help offset the initial outlay for your new ductless air conditioning system.

So…what are you waiting for? Let’s get started today.

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Which Air Conditioner Fits My Home the Best?

Is it time to install a new air conditioner? If so, you already know this is an important investment and addition to your home. It’s important for the new unit you choose to be a good fit for your unique home. Many factors come into play, and the right choice has an impact on the price as well as your air conditioner’s performance for years to come.

Demystifying AC Terms – Before we dive into the nitty-gritty, let’s get familiar with the basics. Learning a few key AC terms can help you understand a little better what your home’s AC needs are today.

  • Tonnage – Air conditioners come in a variety of sizes. The size of an AC unit is measured in what savvy homeowners and HVAC professionals refer to as tonnage. Tonnage is a measure of an air conditioner’s ability to cool your space. One ton is equal to the system’s ability to cool 12,000 BTUs in an hour. A two-ton air conditioner would be able to cool at a rate of 24,000 BTUs per hour and so on and so forth.
  • BTUsBTU stands for British Thermal Unit and is the amount of energy required to heat or cool one pound of water by one degree Fahrenheit. Your typical air conditioner ranges from 1.5-ton to 5-ton units. They will increase over .5 ton increments, and a unit of 5-tons or higher is generally used for commercial, not residential, purposes.

So, What Factors Should I Be Thinking About When I Install A New Air Conditioner?

  • The Makeup of a Unique Home – Each home (even in the same neighborhood) has its own unique layout, which impacts the type of air conditioner you can choose from. Factors in your home affecting your choice of central air conditioner will include the height of your ceilings and the type and thickness of your insulation. Everyone’s home configuration will be different and your HVAC professional should be able to ask a few key questions to determine what would work best.
  • The Size of Your Home – Bigger is not always better, especially when you consider the impact a larger air conditioner might have on your energy bill and carbon footprint. Most HVAC professionals will recommend using multiple AC units in tandem for larger homes to keep things at optimal comfort levels as well as improve energy efficiency.

The HVAC professional at Keith Air Conditioning can help you determine if a repair of your existing air conditioner is your best course of action or if a new unit is in order. Once a decision is made, we’ll help you select the perfect unit for your unique home. We even offer financing options to help you offset any financial challenges you may be facing. Our team is standing by to assist you with all your HVAC service, repair and installation needs.

To get your healthy lifetime relationship with your HVAC unit started today, don’t hesitate to  Contact the air conditioning experts at Keith Air to get started!

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Keep Your AC Compressor Safe from Severe Storms

It’s that time of year again. The time when we have to keep umbrellas at every corner, stock up on canned goods (just in case) and the skies seemingly can open up at any moment. In Mobile, Baldwin County and surrounding areas in Alabama, we are used to experiencing all kinds of severe weather, especially during summer, or the peak of hurricane season. As we face another long season ahead of us again this year, it’s important to be prepared indoors and out. Severe storm activity may be inevitable in Mobile, and if we follow a few key steps, we can make sure our AC compressors never let us down in any kind of weather.

Hurricane Season Spans From June to November – Will Your AC Compressor Be Protected From The Storm?

Be ready when the first drop of rain falls with these easy-to-follow tips from the experts at Keith Air Conditioning, a leader in HVAC service, installation and repair since 1964!

    1. Use a surge protector. If you don’t already have a surge protector installed for your air conditioner, don’t wait any longer! Lightning damage can destroy or severely harm your AC compressor even with a short, pop-up storm. Your professional HVAC service provider is the best source to help you with this, and rest assured, the extra investment will be well worth the money.
    2. Make sure your AC compressor is safe and secure. When a hurricane or tropical depression is on its way, be sure to double check your unit is tied down and free from debris, which could damage it when the storm winds pick up. It’s worth noting if your straps are old, worn out or rusty, this year may be the year to replace them to better protect your AC compressor.
    3. Turn it off when things get choppy. When you get the advance warning about a major storm headed your way, it is a good idea to switch off the air conditioner including the thermostat and breaker.
    4. Do post-storm checkups. When the skies have let up and the sun is shining again, it’s safe to check how your AC compressor held up. Be sure to check for standing water, which could turn into harmful mold, and if there has been significant damage, call an HVAC professional to help you with the repair. Note: before the storm, it is a good idea to have a routine AC system check-up to ensure your system is running at its best.

Hurricane season is unpredictable and can be intense. Don’t leave your AC compressor safety to chance, follow these tips and when in doubt just contact the air conditioning experts at Keith Air for expert advice. We are here to help you weather the summer storms and stay cool in the process. Our NATE-certified technicians can help you prep your AC compressor for Alabama’s storm season and provide expert repair if damage occurs.

Contact Keith Air For HVAC Services Now.

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The Keith Air Conditioning Story

Every company has a story, Keith Air is no exception! As we surpass half a century serving Baldwin County and Mobile, Alabama, we have taken a step back to reflect on our legacy. As we took a walk down memory lane, we decided this story was one worth sharing, because the truth is, without our customers and the amazing community we serve in Alabama, there would be no story.

It has been our honor to grow our business alongside this amazing community. And, we’ve learned so much about our customers and their unique needs since our inception way back in 1964. It is our passion to share our expertise with every repair and installation, focused on quality and customer satisfaction every single time.

What Makes Keith Air different?

You have many choices when it comes to HVAC services in the Mobile area. We know these decisions don’t come lightly and are often the product of referrals made by our happy customers. When you are wondering which company to trust your home’s heating system or AC unit service and repair to, be sure to check out the Keith Air backstory – we offer something a bit different from the rest.

  • All-star team standing by to serve you. Keith Air is a third generation, family-owned business founded by the late Stan Keith back in 1964 and supported by the efforts of a strong family bond. With family experience and dedication, Keith Air also has compiled a team of only the best support staff and HVAC technicians to ensure the reputation for quality never wavers. Our technicians are all NATE-certified and take on continuous training to ensure their skills are cutting-edge.
  • A culture of giving back. Since Keith Air was founded in 1964, we’ve always tried to incorporate a strong sense of community into our business philosophy. Our team is proud to serve the greater Baldwin County area including the following communities, Foley, Gulf Shores, Daphne, Fairhope, Orange Beach, Spanish Fort, Loxley, Saraland as well as greater Mobile. Part of our service to the community is providing quality HVAC services, and it doesn’t end there. We also are active in supporting and, in many cases, hold board positions in top organizations in our community such as:
    • Mobile Area Chamber of Commerce
    • Eastern Shore Chamber of Commerce
    • United Cerebral Palsy of Mobile
    • Mobile Baykeeper
    • Mobile Midtown Movement Board
    • Rotary Club of Mobile
    • Leadership Mobile
    • Junior League of Mobile 

Keith Air prides itself on keeping the legacy for quality, which was started back in 1964 all the while still staying on the cutting-edge of technological advances in the HVAC industry. Our first priority has always been and will always be serving our customers. If we succeed with them, then we have done our jobs.

To begin a lifetime relationship with an HVAC company who will always be there for you, reach out to Keith Air today.  Our all-star team is here to help you when a routine maintenance call, urgent repair after hours are needed or a whole new HVAC system installation is required. We can’t wait to hear from you!

Contact Keith Air today.

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Schedule HVAC Service Before It’s Too Late

HVAC contractors: our heroes of air conditioning!

Summer – what a bright, playful and yet sweltering time of the year! It’s also more than through your typical May-August months if you’re lucky enough to live in a Southern state like Alabama. Come September, whatever your Labor Day celebrations may be, HVAC service increases chances it’s going to beat the rising thermostat and make it a comfortable event.

As far as heat indexes go, you want to be grilling up some sizzling fare on your outdoor patio, not in your living room!

If your home’s heating and air equipment hasn’t had HVAC service on a regular basis or is 15+ years old, you’re looking at a potential meltdown during the hottest months up ahead.

Or worse, what if your home’s outdated AC decides quit on you in the middle of a holiday gathering? There are few family events capable of tanking as rapidly as ones in poorly-ventilated venues in the blazing summer heat.

Why wait around for an AC emergency to strike you unexpectedly? With Keith Air’s trusted, all-inclusive air conditioning services, you’ll be in the skilled hands of our NATE-certified technicians from the start.

Our all-star team of top quality, factory-trained and field-experienced HVAC techs and installers are always ready to tackle your cooling problems at a run.

To Salute Our Hard Workers for Labor Day, Here are a Few Solid Practices Carried by Our Professionally-licensed HVAC Service Pros at Keith Air:

  • We do regular troubleshooting on your HVAC unit, such as filter replacements or cleanings, checking breakers and connections, and stopping indoor HVAC water leaks. Other common issues we also fix are broken compressors, faulty wiring or thermostats, indoor and outdoor coil malfunctions, and defective or dirty evaporator cores. 
  • Through modern HVAC advances, we offer the convenience of ductless mini-split air conditioning units perfect to retrofit in a rehab or addition when you don’t want to go through the hassle and expense of installing ductwork. 
  • We also provide more difficult, specifically tailored and factory-level repairs on your existing unit than those general fixes above, or we can perform brand new energy-efficient AC installations for you. 
  • As a part of our HVAC service available to all customers, Keith Air has an affordable preventative maintenance plan included alongside a 2-year warranty with all new AC installations and features two complete HVAC inspections per year at one low price. 
  • As far as repairs or emergency situations go, our labor services and parts receive a 15 percent discount as part of the HVAC maintenance plans. Additionally, maintenance plan customers don’t pay overtime rates.

Schedule HVAC Service Now

Don’t wait until time has crawled past late summer to schedule your HVAC service appointment. You’ll want to call Keith Air before the Labor Day holiday rush starts! It’s common for good AC servicing companies to be booked leading up to the holiday.

This Labor Day at Keith Air, Inc., our hats are going off to our amazing HVAC technicians and installers who help residents feel cool, calm and collected during sunny Alabama weather. Without our Keith Air ‘laborers,’ summer around Mobile and the greater Baldwin county area sure would be a lot less fun!

To get your healthy lifetime relationship with your HVAC unit started today, don’t hesitate to contact the air conditioning experts at Keith Air right away. Keith Air is proudly family-owned since 1964 and ready to solve your HVAC issues. We’ll keep your summers light and breezy for this year’s Labor Day and those yet to come.

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3 Ways to Reduce Indoor Allergens in 2018

Use Your Heating and Air to Help

Indoor allergens can impact our health in a wide range of ways, from an annoying runny nose to chronic skin conditions to severe, life-threatening emergencies, especially for those with compromised immune systems. Summer beckons us outside, and it’s time to enjoy it. Afterward, are we bringing these annoying health-impacting allergens inside with us when we come into cool off?

While some allergens are inevitably brought inside, there are some ways to reduce the number of contaminants triggering allergies inside the home.

Check out some facts to illustrate the impact of allergens:

  • Conditions of seasonal allergies are typically caused by indoor pollutants such as dust mites, cockroach parts, mold and animal dander.
  • Allergic reaction to indoor allergens can cause conjunctivitis, an inflammation of the lining membranes of the eyes which leads to red, watery, and itching eyes.
  • Direct contact can also cause allergic skin conditions such as eczema, or allergic dermatitis. 

Let’s avoid these health issues and explore how we can lower your risk of allergen exposure with the help of your heating and air system.

3 Ways Your Heating and Air System Can Reduce Allergens:

  • Clean homes begin with clean air.  Simple steps such as banning smoking and regularly changing air filters can keep the air inside your home cleaner. Additionally, keeping humidity at optimal levels with a dehumidifier can contribute to cleaner air and reduce mold, mildew and dust mites.
  • Don’t put off your HVAC tune-up. The perfect schedule for your HVAC tune-up should be once in the spring to get it ready for summer and once in the fall to get it prepped for winter.
  • Ask your HVAC partner about IAQ products. There are many great products to help reduce the presence of allergens in your home. Ask your HVAC service provider about which air purifiers and dehumidifiers are best for your system and needs. They can make recommendations for additional products to help work in tandem with your heating and cooling system to positively impact your indoor air quality.

Use the Expertise of Your HVAC Partner

The team at Keith Air Conditioning can help you improve the indoor air quality in your home as well as reduce the presence of pollutants with a potential to seriously impact your family’s health.

One important way to keep your heating and cooling system working at its best and reduce the presence of indoor allergens is to maintain routine maintenance with the help of a licensed, experienced HVAC service provider like Keith Air.

Contact us to maintain your heating and air systems, including air filter replacement, cleaning and lubricating of all mechanical parts, checking coolant levels, bleaching the condensate line and a complete system inspection – all of which can help prevent allergens from circulating throughout your home.

Contact Keith Air to schedule an appointment today.

Top Reasons to Consider a New Air Conditioner

Saying goodbye is often one of the hardest things in life. Sometimes, however, saying goodbye is a good move. For example, if you’ve been putting off replacing your tired, old and inefficient air conditioner year-after-year, it might be time to say goodbye to the old and say hello to a new air conditioner before summer gets any hotter!

Let’s start with a cooling quiz!

Answer these questions to determine if it’s time for you to seriously consider a new air conditioner.

  • How old is your AC unit? If your air conditioner is getting old, it could be costing you serious money each month on your energy bill. Here are some powerful numbers to illustrate why you should consider an upgrade to a new air conditioner:
    • If your air conditioner is from the 1970s, it’s outlived as many as five U.S. presidents. It needs to be replaced.
    • If your air conditioner is from the 1980s, it’s performed nearly nine times longer than “Knight Rider” was on the air. It needs to be replaced.
    • If your air conditioner is from the 1990s, it’s been a source of coolness 26 years longer than line dancing to Billy Ray Cyrus’ “Achy Breaky Heart.” It ought to be replaced.

Energy efficiency has come a remarkably long way just in the last 10-15 years.

  • How much have you invested in AC repair in the last two years? If you are throwing money down the drain two or three times each year to repair your older air conditioner, you might be wasting money better used on a new air conditioner to keep your home more comfortable and save you money on your energy bills.
  • Is your AC still under warranty? It’s Murphy’s Law – things seem to break right after the warranty ends. If your current air conditioner is no longer covered by the manufacturer’s warranty, it might be time to start shopping for a new air conditioner. Be advised, regular maintenance helps preserve most manufacturer warranties.
  • How long are you planning to stay in your home? Are you planning to list your home in the next three years or staying indefinitely? Answers to these questions may impact your decision to purchase a new air conditioner or not. For obvious reasons, if you are planning to stay in your home for the long-term, it makes sense to make the investment in an energy efficient new air conditioner. Additionally, if the AC is in a bad state, it could make your property less desirable once you place it on the market.

So, how did you do on the cooling quiz? A passing score would mean your current air conditioner is working efficiently, keeping you and your family cool, not running up your energy bills unnecessarily and, most importantly, not breaking down!

If you can’t check all the right boxes, it might be time to start shopping for your new air conditioner.

Next Steps to a New Air Conditioner

Keith Air, a trusted leader in heating and air in the Mobile-area for over 50 years, specializes in helping homeowners determine if keeping their existing AC units or exploring the purchase of a new air conditioner is the best decision.

We offer flexible financing options to help offset the initial expense. Homeowners should also check with local utility providers. Some offer rebates for upgrading to new energy efficient appliances like air conditioners or heat pumps.

Contact Keith Air to schedule an appointment today.