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Ductless Air Conditioning in Alabama Sunroom | Keith Air

Coolest Solution to Your Hot Spots in Baldwin County? Ductless Air Conditioning!

If you have a room struggling to stay cool during the hot summer months of Mobile or if you are just plain tired of dealing with uneven temperatures throughout your home, ductless air conditioning may be the perfect solution to your problem. If your HVAC systems simply can’t keep temperatures even throughout your home, there are a few solutions Keith Air can suggest. One of the “coolest,” however is ductless air conditioning, also known as mini-split air conditioners.

Read on to learn more about the benefits of ductless air conditioning technology:

What is ductless air conditioning? Simply put, ductless air conditioning is an air conditioning system without ductwork. A ductless air conditioner typically includes a wall-mounted unit inside the home connected to an outside compressor. Unlike window units, ductless units require only a very small 3-inch hole to be drilled into the wall, making them less vulnerable to air leakage and security concerns.

Ductless cooling systems are excellent options when you have certain areas or zones of your home without enough air from your main HVAC system. Many times, basements, sunrooms, attics or room extensions will experience a lack climate control because the current ductwork just doesn’t reach the particular area effectively.

The many pros of ductless air conditioning: Ductless cooling is extremely customizable, making it right for nearly any space configuration. It is also energy efficient, typically unnoticeable, easy to install as well as quiet. For this reason, ductless air conditioning is often the perfect solution for homeowners who experience discomfort due to hot spots or uneven temperatures inside their living spaces. In many instances, these systems also help control humidity and reduce recirculation of pollutants improving indoor air quality. Finally, ductless units are also a heating unit, allowing you to “knock the chill” off a space on the occasional winter morning.

A few cons to note about ductless air conditioning: Although ductless air conditioning is a very popular option, a few notable cons exist to using this technology. It can be expensive compared to old-fashioned noisy wall units), although savings are gained through energy efficiency, in fact, many units boast the Energy Star label. They are, of course, less expensive than running new ductwork to a central air unit.

Also, some homeowners prefer not to have any visibility of their air conditioning system, even though the units are typically flush to the wall and unobtrusive. In fact, many homeowners who were unsure, later report they totally forget about its visual presence once it’s installed.

Ductless cooling may be a consideration for you if your home is not staying uniformly cool due to ductwork limitations. Ductless cooling works for new homes as well as older homes for complete year-round climate control, even in the tightest of spaces. Keith Air, with 50+ years of experience in the HVAC industry, specializes in assisting our customers with ductless air conditioning solutions. We understand the technology and are well-versed in configuring ductless systems to fit your unique space and address your specific climate-control challenges.

Our Mobile-based business is a third generation, family-owned operation which takes its reputation for customer service and quality seriously. We hope you’ll reach out to us to address the “hot spot” in your home; we’re sure we can come up with an affordable solution you’ll be thrilled with all year long.

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Alabama Air Conditioner Summer Challenge | Keith Air

Is Your Alabama Air Conditioner Up to the Heat Challenge?

Have lots of plans to entertain at home this summer? Alabama summers are the best when spent in the pool with friends and family, because they can get extremely hot! From Father’s Day to Juneteenth to Independence Day, summer in Mobile brings so many reasons to invite your loved ones over for a BBQ or picnic.

As the temps begin to skyrocket in communities like Daphne, make sure your air conditioner is ready to receive guests when they need a break from the heat. It’s time to make sure your Alabama air conditioner can stand up to the southern heat challenge!


3 Ways to Prepare Your Alabama Air Conditioner to Keep You Cool All Summer Long


  1. Schedule your service before it’s too late! Service your Alabama air conditioner or heat pump today for the best reliability. You would never want to have an air conditioner outage when you have a house full of people, would you? Of course not. It’s not always easy to predict a problem before it happens; the best way to avoid it is to schedule your Alabama air conditioner service today.

    Do this before the heat outside really kicks up and your system is put to the test. Your knowledgeable HVAC technician will take a look and ensure your system is ready to take on the Alabama heat (or recommend options to get it there) before the first guest arrives.
  2. Don’t procrastinate, replace your tired unit now! Need to replace your system? Don’t put your Alabama air conditioner off for another summer. This could be the season it finally lets you down at a most inconvenient time. Newer models are much more energy efficient and often negate the expense in the form of energy bills savings.

    If the initial financial outlay has your concerned be sure to ask about financing. Keith Air offers many great options for you to explore. Our financing options will help you upgrade your Alabama air conditioner now and reap the benefits of greater efficiency and lower energy bills during the hottest months of the year.
  3. Start a routine maintenance schedule for year-round comfort! While you are getting your HVAC system ready for the summer festivities, it’s a great idea to explore a routine, preventive maintenance schedule for your HVAC system. Of course, there are some DIY activities you should be doing on your own (like replacing filters and keeping your unit free from debris), and an experienced HVAC technician will check on possible issues potentially leading to breakdown or shortening the life of your system as well as cost you money in energy inefficiency.

Keith Air has 50+ years of experience in the HVAC industry. Our third generation, family-owned and operated facility is proud to have served Mobile since 1964. When it’s time to gear up for the Alabama summer holidays like Juneteeth and July 4th, you can count on our professional team of NATE-certified technicians for all of your HVAC needs.

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Landscaping Tips for an AC Compressor | Keith Air

Uh Oh! Did My Lawnmower Throw a Rock at My AC Compressor?

Outdoor HVAC units containing AC Compressors can be easily damaged by storms, debris or the occasional rock thrown by landscaping equipment. Learn more about how to best landscape around and maximize airflow around this vital component on your Foley property.

4 Frequently asked questions about protecting your AC compressor in the Mobile area:

  1. Should I cover my ac unit this summer? Although many advantages come with covering your AC unit during summer, most manufacturers don’t recommend it. While the cover can protect the AC compressor from damage, it can also create an environment for humidity to accumulate. Your knowledgeable HVAC service provider, such as Keith Air Conditioning, Inc., will be able to help you make a final decision on what’s best for your unit.
  2. Is my HVAC unit storm-safe? Thunderstorms, lightning, hail and even the outskirts of a hurricane can be summer threats to your AC compressor. The first thing you can do to protect your AC unit when a severe storm is approaching is shut everything down, if possible. This will help reduce the risk of a blown-out circuit or fried compressor when the power returns. Also, be sure to check on your unit after the storm, when it’s safe to go outside, to ensure no debris has landed on it or is obstructing its airflow.
  3. What kind of landscaping can I do to help protect my unit? There are a few general rules of thumb you can use to protect your AC unit. Be sure not stack anything (i.e., a garden hose) on your unit and keep the unit unrestricted so as not limit airflow.  Perform a routine check to make sure your outdoor condenser coils are clean. Finally, when you are mowing or weed whacking be extra careful as you move by your HVAC system. Flying grass clippings can easily get sucked into a unit while it’s running and clog it. When planting your shrubs, be careful not to block the access panels or the coil – a good rule of thumb is to keep 24 to 36 inches around the unit.
  4. Should I protect my AC unit from my pets? Yes. Your AC compressor could be damaged by your pets, your neighbors’ pets as well as wild animals and even insects. In fact, animals can cause significant damage to outdoor air conditioning system components. Especially when temperatures are extreme, very hot or very cold, the enclosed space inside the cabinet of an outdoor unit can be a tempting shelter from the harsh environment. Be sure your AC unit is sealed to prevent the havoc these critters can wreak on your HVAC system from chewing on wiring, urinating on electronic components, as well as creating fire hazards by filling spaces with straw and bedding materials.

Keith Air is the go-to HVAC service provider in Mobile since 1964, and you can count on us to help you with tips to keep your AC compressor protected during the summer months. Our professional team of technicians will be happy to drop by when it’s convenient for you to help with any and all of your HVAC needs.

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Gift Smart Thermostat for Father's Day | Keith Air

The Perfect Father’s Day Gift for Gadget-Loving Dads – Smart Thermostat!

Every year Father’s Day rolls around and, many of us, start to scratch our heads and ask, “What gift can we find for the guy who has everything?” While we want to honor the dads in our lives with a nice present, it gets harder and harder to find the perfect gift or, really, anything he doesn’t have already. Stop racking your brain and skip the tie or soap on a rope this year and get the gadget-loving dad a gift to last for years. Surprise the techy dad in Baldwin County with a smart thermostat from Keith Air this Father’s Day.

Everything You Need to Know to Surprise Dad with a Smart Thermostat This Father’s Day:

What is a smart thermostat? Before you grab this gift for your dad for Father’s Day, it’s a good idea to understand what it actually is (and your techy-dad will be so impressed with your working knowledge of his new gadget). A Wi-Fi or smart thermostat will connect to your dad’s wireless Internet service and allow him to remotely check and change the temperature in his home from an app on his smartphone, laptop or tablet. There are various models available – be sure to consult with Keith Air to determine the one most appropriate for your dad’s HVAC system.

Why your dad is going to love this Father’s Day present:

He can control things back home if he travels.  If your dad travels a lot, this handy Wi-Fi smart thermostat will allow him to adjust temps before he arrives home, increasing his comfort levels, saving on energy bills and even adapting to sudden temperature changes when bad weather occurs.  

Dad will find programming is new smart thermostat is a breeze. Your tech-savvy dad will love how easy it is to program this new gadget. He’ll have it optimized and master all the bells and whistles in no time flat.

Dad won’t need to reprogram when his schedule changes. Dad will love how his new smart thermometer detects changes to his schedule and calculates new algorithms based on his behaviors.

Change the temp from anywhere. When dad is busy watching the game or wants to impress his friends, he’ll love to point out he can adjust the temps from anywhere in his house or even from the office or a Fairhope restaurant!  

If you have the kind of dad who gets giddy over gadgets or just likes showing off what he can do with his smartphone, a Smart Wi-Fi thermostat is a Father’s Day home run. Keith Air can help you choose and install the best smart thermostat for you or your dad’s home. We were founded in 1964 and remain on the cutting-edge of the latest technologies to keep your HVAC system running at its optimum. You can count on our family-owned and -operated HVAC expertise to impress your dad this Father’s Day and all year long.

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