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Do Packaged HVAC Systems Do More for Comfort?

Packaged HVAC systems have become increasingly popular among homeowners — especially with limited space. Packaged units offer several advantages over split systems in certain Daphne, Alabama, homes, but do they increase your home comfort?

What Are Packaged HVAC Systems?

A split HVAC system features two separate cabinets for the air conditioner or heat pump, but a packaged system combines all components into a single cabinet. In most cases, we install packaged systems outside, which means you don’t have to find space for them inside your home. If you’ve embraced the tiny home craze, a packaged system likely represents your best choice.

These units offer other advantages as well. They cost less to install because there are fewer parts. It also takes less time to install a packaged system, and many options on the market offer significant energy and cost savings on a month-to-month basis. If you are interested in a packaged HVAC system, you need to know how it will impact your comfort levels.

Single Versus Dual Stage

Just like split systems, packaged HVAC units come in both single- and dual-stage varieties. A dual-stage unit offers superior home comfort because its fan can run at two speeds: low and high. During extremely hot Alabama summers, for instance, the fan might run at full speed. Then, when the temperatures start to drop a little in the fall, the unit will switch to the lower speed for maximum energy savings.

Since packaged units typically cost less overall, you might find it easier to fit the dual-stage system into your budget. You’ll gain the energy savings and increased home comfort that comes with multiple fan speeds, but you won’t have to dip as far into your savings account.

For instance, the Performance 15 Packaged Hybrid Heat System 48VR-B offers both heating and cooling in one convenient cabinet. Plus, it’s a dual-stage system that has a SEER (Seasonal Energy Efficiency Ratio) rating of up to 15 and an 81 percent AFUE (Annual Fuel Utilization Efficiency) rating.

Humidity Control

Humidity levels can get brutal during the spring and summer months. If you don’t control the humidity levels inside your home, you’ll feel warmer even if you haven’t increased the temperature on your thermostat. Many packaged air conditioning units feature filter drier system protection, which helps control humidity so you’re more comfortable during the summer.

If you’re switching from a window air conditioning unit to a central air option, you’ll see a radical difference in home comfort. Many homeowners resist upgrading to a new unit because they’re concerned about the cost. A packaged system requires a smaller initial investment, but it will remove more humidity from the air than a window unit.

Noise Levels

A split air conditioner or heat pump system features an indoor cabinet that contains the fan and evaporating coils. When the system cuts on, you might hear the motor. The noise can disturb your sleep or interrupt the quiet of your home, though noise levels for split systems will depend on the make, model, and condition of the unit.

Packaged systems don’t have an indoor cabinet. Everything is housed outdoors so you can’t hear the system cut on and off. You might still hear the air flow as it transfers through your ductwork and out of your vents, but the motor and associated noise won’t be a factor.

Is a Packaged HVAC System Best for Your Home Comfort?

As you can see, packaged air conditioners and heat pumps offer significant advantages in certain situations, but the comfort question depends on your circumstances. For instance, do you live in a smaller home with limited storage space? If so, you’ll benefit greatly from a packaged system over a window unit or other alternative. Similarly, you might like the reduced noise levels and the improved humidity control.

Our trained technicians can help you to evaluate different HVAC systems so you can choose one that will fit your family best. It comes down to personal preference, budget, and home features.

If you’re in the market for an upgraded heat pump or air conditioner, give Keith Air Conditioning, Inc. a call today at 251-476-3610 to schedule an appointment.

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How to Stay Comfortable When Your HVAC System Is on the Fritz

HVAC system

When your HVAC system won’t produce the right level of air conditioning, you’ll want our technicians to fix the problem as quickly as possible. In the meantime, however, you don’t want to suffer through uncomfortable conditions inside your home. Try these strategies to stay comfortable in your Loxley, Alabama, home while your HVAC system is on the fritz.

Adjust Your Diet

The foods and beverages you consume can have a tremendous impact on how cold or warm you feel. When the mercury soars, stick with ice-cold drinks like juice, iced tea, and water. You can even put your glass in the freezer briefly to make your beverages extra frigid. Ditch hot meals in favor of cool alternatives, such as fresh salads and fruits. Of course, it is very important to keep hydrated. A cool glass of water will help to keep you comfortable and stave off the ill-effects of a hot house.

If you do use the stove, try to prepare meals with shorter cooking times to reduce the amount of heat being generated. A great option while the weather is still favorable is to take the cooking outdoors. Firing up the grill is a great alternative if you still desire a hot meal.

Look for Portable Alternatives

Table and floor fans can keep you cool when your air conditioner fails to work properly. Fans don’t actually chill the air, though. Instead, they create air movement, which makes you feel cooler even though the temperature of the room doesn’t change. Turning on ceiling fans can create an even greater cooling effect.

Use Window Treatments Wisely

Sunlight streaming through windows or glass doors will introduce additional heat into your home. On warmer days, use curtains, blinds, and shades to keep the sunlight out. Blocking the sun’s rays will help to reduce their effect on your indoor temperature.

Sometimes you have to use DIY solutions to stay comfortable during an emergency. We offer fast HVAC service if your system goes on the fritz. For more air conditioning solutions, give the experts at Keith Air Conditioning, Inc. a call today at 251-476-3610.

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The How and Why of Air Filters

air filter

Your air filter plays an integral role in your HVAC system’s ability to effectively heat and cool your home. Air filters improve indoor air quality and protect the HVAC unit’s moving parts by removing particles from the indoor air. Learn why regularly changing the air filter in your Foley, Alabama, home is so important.

Remove Allergens From the Home

Air filters catch the larger pollutants in your home, such as dust and pet hair, so they don’t reenter the system. Consequently, those particles don’t get redistributed throughout your home. If anyone in your family suffers from allergies or asthma, your air filter becomes even more critical.

Reduce Wear and Tear

If your air filter gets clogged, air can’t pass as easily through the fibers. Your HVAC system has to work even harder to heat or cool your home, which means it incurs more wear and tear. The result is the need for increased repairs or even premature replacement of parts. Additionally, this increased effort from your system means more energy is consumed and therefore, you will incur higher utility bills.

Prevent Pressure Drops

Similarly, a dirty air filter can result in an airflow pressure drop in your HVAC system. The air doesn’t move as forcefully through the air conditioner, furnace, or heat pump, which means increased difficulty providing the right level of air conditioning. Your unit will have to work harder and might break down entirely if the situation continues.

Change Your Air Filter

Using the highest quality air filter possible that is recommended for your system will help to prevent major problems. Disposable air filters present the most common solution, but you can also find washable air filters that you can clean and reuse.

Your HVAC system contains far more expensive parts than the air filter, but the filter performs an essential function. To learn more about indoor air quality and air filters, call Keith Air Conditioning, Inc. today at 251-476-3610 to schedule an appointment with one of our technicians.