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Window Treatments Brighten Up a Room, and the Right Ones Help You Save

women near window 2Using energy-efficient window treatments can enhance the look and feel of any room, and if you select the right kind and size, you’ll also benefit from energy savings. Unless your windows are highly efficient, it’s likely you have significant thermal losses in both summer and winter through the glass.

Heat is constantly seeking out cooler temperatures. In the summer, it’s constantly moving into your home and in the winter, making its way out. Shade screens help your home stay comfortable, but when you’re looking for a design element, these window treatments will help your home stay more comfortable:

  • Thermal and/or blackout drapes – When choosing fabric window coverings, look for pleated drapes or full curtains that are either lined or tightly woven. Many colors and designs are available, and they provide the best thermal protection if they reach the floor and have a cornice on top to stop the heated air from passing into or out of your home.
  • Thermal shades – These are available as insulated shades, like Roman shades or cellular shades. Like draperies, there’s a wide selection of styles and colors. The air mass in the case of cellular shades traps air between the glass and your interior, and they provide decorative energy-efficient window treatments. Those made from lighter fabrics filter light through them, reducing the need for daytime lighting that creates heat indoors, especially if you still use incandescent lighting.
  • Insulating window panels – If you don’t want to cover the windows, opt for insulating window panels. These are inserts installed from inside and made from clear materials. They won’t stop heat from sunshine but will cut back on thermal heat transfer, much the same way exterior storm windows do. These panels also stop many of the drafts coming from the frames of the windows, as well, as long as the panels fit tightly.

While energy-efficient window coverings help cut conditioning costs, you’ll get additional benefits from maintaining your HVAC system, something the pros at Keith Air Conditioning, Inc. can help you do. We’ve provided HVAC services for Mobile and Baldwin County since 1964.

A/C Troubleshooting Tips That May Come in Handy This Summer

ac repairYou may not give much thought to your cooling system… until it stops working. While routine annual maintenance can prevent most issues from popping up, you may still experience any of the more common A/C problems from time to time. Here are some A/C troubleshooting tips to keep close at hand, some of which you may be able to address yourself, while others require the services of a professional.

  • Inadequate cooling. If your A/C is unable to achieve the desired level of comfort, begin by lowering your thermostat an additional five degrees. If that doesn’t solve the issue, the evaporator may be dirty; clean it carefully and let the A/C run for several hours. If these solutions don’t work, the air conditioning system may be inadequately sized for your home, and may need to be replaced.
  • A malfunctioning condenser. Start by checking the power supply, beginning with the plug. From there, check the main breaker and fuse, restoring power if needed. Next check the thermostat, lowering it by a further five degrees to see if the A/C comes to life – if not, the compressor or motor may needprofessional repair.
  • The A/C frequently cycles off and on. Dirt may be the culprit, either on the condenser or evaporator coil, and a good cleaning may solve the problem. Check to ensure the outside condensing unit isn’t blocked by tall grass or other foliage, allowing for at least three feet of clearance on all sides and above the unit.
  • The A/C runs but doesn’t produce cold air. Start with the thermostat, though it’s unlikely to be the cause. Examine the condensing unit to see if it’s blocked or dirty, cleaning or removing debris if necessary. A lack of refrigerant or a malfunctioning compressor may be at fault, both of which require the services of a skilled HVAC contractor.

For more help with A/C troubleshooting tips, or the service, repair or maintenance of your HVAC system, call the experts at Keith Air Conditioning, Inc. proudly serving homeowners in Baldwin County and Mobile.