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6 Home Maintenance Tasks That Help to Reduce Allergies

When you suffer from allergies, you’re always looking for ways to reduce your symptoms and live a symptom-free life. While the outdoors might seem like the enemy, thanks to its abundance of pollen and other allergens, your Foley, Alabama, home can also present a threat. Use these six home maintenance tasks to get your allergies under control and turn your home into an allergen-free zone.

Rip Out the Carpet

Carpet and rugs trap allergens, which means you’re exposed every time you walk across your living room. It’s also a haven for dust and dust mites as well as dirt and debris. To reduce allergy symptoms, consider ripping out the carpet and replacing it with different material. You have several options from which to choose, depending on your style preferences.

Some homeowners prefer hardwood floors, although you can save money by installing laminate floors that look like real wood. Consider tile if you’re looking for an easy-clean surface that keeps the floors cool during the hot Alabama summers.

Install an Air Purifier

An air purifier or cleaner can neutralize allergens before they have a chance to wreak havoc on your respiratory system. They come in many different models to suit your home’s size and your preferences. Most air cleaners use electrical charges to kill pathogens and other allergens that might irritate your nasal passages.

We would be happy to help you to choose an air purifier for your home and then install it. Don’t attempt to install one on your own because you might injure yourself, damage the appliance, and void the warranty. Our expert technicians have installed many of these devices, so they are your best bet for a hassle-free installation.

Clean More Often

As much as you might hate cleaning or might not have the time for regular or thorough cleaning, these chores are necessary if you suffer from allergies. If you currently clean your home once a week, consider cleaning twice a week to ensure that dust doesn’t get a chance to build up on furniture and other surfaces. Use natural products when possible to avoid exposing yourself to allergy-inducing chemicals.

Change Your Bedding Regularly

Indoor air quality, or IAQ, can affect allergy sufferers. One way to boost your IAQ is to change your bedding frequently. Dust can easily become embedded in your pillow, sheets, and blankets. Launder these items regularly to control household dust accumulation.

You can also put a protective cover over your mattress to protect it against dust mite infestation, especially if you know you are allergic to the mites. Clean around your bed as well, to prevent dust from settling on other surfaces, and change your pillow as recommended to reduce allergy symptoms.

Replace Your Air Filter More Often

Your HVAC system relies on the air filter to trap particles that shouldn’t cycle through the system. While the manufacturer’s instructions on your air filter might recommend replacements every three to five months, consider replacing it more often if you suffer from allergies. If the filter gets clogged, it can prevent your air conditioner or furnace from doing its job, which means worsened IAQ.

Switch From Curtains to Blinds

Curtains look great when they hang in front of your windows, but they accumulate dust easily and require more effort to keep clean. Blinds prove easier to keep clean because you can simply wipe them down once or twice a week to keep them dust-free. Plus, they give you more control over the amount of sunlight you let into your home.

Shades can offer another easy-care solution. Bamboo shades, for instance, are good for the environment and even easier to clean than window blinds.

Keeping your home free of allergens can help you live a more comfortable life. For more guidance on indoor air quality matters, call Keith Air Conditioning, Inc. at 251-476-3610.

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How to Get a Better Thermostat Without Breaking the Bank


When you need a new thermostat, you don’t have to spend hundreds of dollars. Many budget-friendly models offer far more features than your grandparents’ thermostats, and they won’t deplete your savings. If the thermostat in your Daphne, Alabama, home could use an upgrade, follow these tips to make an economical choice.

Evaluate Your Lifestyle

Programmable options allow you to set the temperature throughout the day based on your schedule so that you cool your home only as needed. For example, you can program higher temperatures when you are away since there will be no need for cooler temperatures when no one is home. By doing so, you will be able to significantly reduce energy waste and leave more money in your wallet. If you haven’t yet done so, it is time to consider replacing your manual thermostat with a programmable model.

Look for Discounts

Like all products, thermostats occasionally go on sale. We often run promotions for various HVAC products, so keep an eye on our specials so that you can take advantage of a reduced price. Our prices are always affordable, but discounts and other offers will make it easier for you to achieve the comfort and efficiency you need in your home.

Buy Based on Features

Maybe you’re interested in using your thermostat to control your home’s zoned system, but you don’t need the unit to display the outdoor temperature and deliver the weather forecast. Make a list of the features you need in a thermostat, so you don’t spend on a model that offers more than what you want. Many options exist, so you’re sure to find a thermostat that fits your specifications.

We carry a variety of thermostats to suit every style and budget. Higher-end programmable or WiFi thermostats offer a lot of bells and whistles provide, but you will still save money with any programmable thermostat you choose.

A new thermostat can help you to save on energy costs and better control your HVAC system. To learn about our thermostats and installation process, call Keith Air Conditioning, Inc. at 251-476-3610.


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3 Reasons to Switch to Central Air Conditioning

central air conditioning

When it gets unbearably hot in Mobile, Alabama, you end up running your window ACs at full capacity for months. To effectively tackle Alabama’s heat and humidity, your window units are probably pretty powerful, and you’ve made do with them for years. Switching to a property with central air might seem too expensive when you have an existing window AC solution, but you’re missing out on key comfort components that central air conditioning provides.

Central Air Is Efficient

Window units are rarely as efficient as central air. They consume a lot of electricity and typically gaps around where the unit has been installed mean outdoor air gets inside and makes your unit work harder to cool the house. Central air conditioning systems with high SEER ratings will help you to save big on your electricity bills each year.

Heat Pumps Work Wonders in Alabama

Alabama’s mild winters make it a great area for homeowners to rely on heat pumps for heating and cooling needs. When you use a heat pump for central air conditioning, it removes the heat from the air in your home in the summer and transfers it to the air outside. In the winter, it does just the opposite. Heat pumps take care of both your heating and cooling from one unit.

Correct Sizing Makes a Difference

Chances are, those window units aren’t sized quite right for your home. Even if they’re off by just a little bit, it means you’ll have a harder time achieving a comfortable temperature and humidity level at the same time. When we install a central air conditioning system for you, we size the system, so it fits your home perfectly. The system runs at peak efficiency this way, and you stay extremely comfortable all summer long.

Central air offers a more consistent air conditioning experience. The team at Keith Air Conditioning, Inc. knows all about central air conditioning and is happy to answer your questions. If you’re not satisfied with your window units, whether because of high electricity bills or lack of comfort, give us a call today at 251-476-3610.