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Professional AC Installation: How 4 Factors Impact Long-Term Efficiency

professional A/C installationIn this region, it’s imperative that you have a professional AC installation when replacing an existing cooling system. Given the heat and humidity, cooling systems experience a heavy workload for months at a time. When you’re selecting a contractor initially, look for an NATE-certified contractor whose knowledge and competence about installations is the highest in the HVAC field.


Before you select any system, make sure your contractor goes through the sizing process using Manual J software. This software requires detailed information about your home’s energy efficiency, layout, cubic footage and aspects about your lifestyle that impact the cooling load indoors.

Without this analysis, you could install a system that’s too large or small. Of the two, it’s better to install one that’s slightly smaller. An AC that’s too large will run for shorter periods, leaving behind humidity, driving up energy consumption and wearing the parts faster.


The HVAC contractor needs to use Manual D software along with the results of Manual J to determine if your existing ductwork will be compatible with the new system. If the ducts are too small, they’ll be noisy, and if they’re too large, the velocity of the conditioned air blowing through them will be too low, making it harder for your home to cool.

The overall integrity of the ducts needs to be considered as part of a professional AC installation. Uninsulated or leaking ducts need to be fixed in order to get the highest efficiency from your system.


Once the air handler is in place, the team will measure the airflow blowing through it. It needs to closely match what the manufacturer requires to avoid problems with the evaporator coil inside the air handler.


Double-checking the refrigerant level before finalizing the installation is the last step in a top-quality installation for maximum performance and efficiency from your new system.

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