A Great Heating and Air Plan – A Gift that Keeps on Giving

December 18, 2018

Need a great alternative to traditional holiday gift choices for your loved ones? Instead of a sweater or a fruitcake, consider a heating and air maintenance plan!

When you gift this service to friends or family, they’ll receive the safety and comfort of a reliable and fully functional HVAC system. This year, give freedom from worry about heating and air emergencies or other repair and maintenance issues. Peace of mind is a gift money can’t buy – or can it?

Keep Your Home and Wallet Comfortable All Year

As a top HVAC contractor within the greater Mobile and Baldwin County area, Keith Air offers a very affordable, easy, and comprehensive total comfort maintenance plan. It’s just the thing for an older relative or busy single parent this holiday season.

Why wait until you have to fix a broken HVAC component, when you can enjoy the benefits of regularly scheduled service with a maintenance plan? Read more about the benefits of a heating and air maintenance plan below, and you’ll be 100% sold!

Preventive heating and air maintenance is key

Just as you’d care for your personal health, regular care for the health of your home’s heating and air system is quite similar. Preventive measures like annual tune-ups for your heating and air system will extend its service life. These services will also help to deliver the SEER ratings as when your unit was brand-new.

Regular service can also help to identify potential problems with your heating and air system before they grow into costly repairs. The easiest problem to fix is one you never have in the first place!

Promote efficiency and save energy

Just as with your vehicle or any other piece of mechanical or electrical equipment, regular tune-ups to your home’s heating and air system ensure it runs at top capacity. Efficient operation can save you money on energy bills for months and years to come.

Save money in the long run

Regular maintenance of your home’s HVAC system will extend its service life and keep it operational at peak efficiency. You’ll save money over time with more efficient operation and fewer repairs, when you take advantage of a good maintenance plan such as the total comfort plan offered by Keith Air.

What’s Included in a Heating and Air Maintenance Plan?

What will your lucky recipient enjoy, when you give the gift of a heating and air maintenance plan? If it’s similar to the total home comfort plan from Keith Air, it will include some or most of the following benefits.

  • Two inspections per year – a trained technician will check and clean system components, and provide estimates and options for any needed repairs
  • Discounts on parts and labor, plus overtime service at no additional charge
  • Guarantees on repairs
  • Priority appointments for emergency service and new system installations

Keith Air Conditioning Is Your Heating and Air Specialist

This year, don’t take the easy way out and buy a frivolous holiday present for a loved one. There’s a better choice! Consider the practicality and comfort a heating and air maintenance service plan offers to a family member or friend.

For a special gift to give comfort and savings all year long, contact Keith Air’s professional team of HVAC experts today to discuss your maintenance plan options.