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Ductless Systems Provide a Great Way to Air Condition a Garage

If you’re retrofitting your garage into usable living space, or searching for a practical way to protect stored household items from the Mobile heat and humidity, discover how ductless systems air condition a garage and offer a sensible energy-efficient solution.


Ductless Systems Air Condition a Garage and More

Ductless mini split air conditioners are compact workhorses that easily outperform wall A/C units for efficiency and cooling capacity without the security risk and eyesore for accommodating a large hole, nor the expense and extra workload placed on a central system for extending ducts.

Ductless systems air condition a garage and/or a converted bedroom above the garage easily, and you can also enjoy a zoning system for personalized temperature settings in each area. For instance, if you don’t need cooling in the retrofitted rooms overnight or at other times, simply turn off the ductless unit to save energy while the central system cools other spaces in the home.

There are three primary components to ductless cooling systems, and this is how they work:

  • Outside unit: The compressor/condenser components are housed at the outside unit. The outside unit is compact and versatile, providing multiple installation options for best aesthetics and convenience. Scroll compressors provide efficient and powerful cooling no matter how hot and humid it may get.
  • Conduit: A small hole in the outer wall of the home is all that’s needed to extend a thin conduit to each indoor air handler. The conduit houses the high-efficiency refrigerant, power source and condensate drainage line. It may extend well over 100 feet, depending on the chosen model, to accommodate practically any installation.
  • Air handler: The air handlers offer multiple installation options. You may choose to mount the sleek air handler high on a wall, flush in a drop ceiling or from the ceiling. Floor mounting at the baseboard is another option for discreet installation.

Ductless systems air condition a garage, retrofitted rooms and room additions for a convenient and energy-efficient cooling solution. For more information about choosing ductless systems for your home improvement project, contact Keith Air Conditioning. We’ve provided exceptional HVAC solutions for Mobile area homeowners since 1964.


Carrier Is a Trusted Name in HVAC Systems – Here’s Why

Ever since Willis Carrier invented modern air conditioning more than a century ago, Carrier contractors and Carrier HVAC systems, trusted for performance, innovation, quality and service, have made homes, businesses and buildings throughout the world very cool places indeed. It’s no wonder that Carrier is a trusted name in HVAC, but allow us to share more reasons why.

Carrier HVAC Systems, Trusted Industry Leader

Carrier has spearheaded advances in HVAC technology worldwide for decades. Many of the industries which powered the economy in the past and today were made possible with the invention of indoor environmental control and advanced technologies of which Carrier is the cornerstone.

Moreover, the reasons that continue to make Carrier a trusted HVAC name are the core values which transcend a century past, today and tomorrow, and define and guide Carrier’s vision.

  • Performance: Carrier engineering strives for innovative growth and advanced HVAC systems technologies which customers can depend on for continued HVAC solutions.
  • Responsibility: Carrier leads by example, maintaining the highest of ethical standards and providing a quality workplace for its valued employees. Carrier exemplifies corporate responsibility by supporting and being involved in communities across the country. Carrier designs and engages “green” technologies for environmental responsibility, which is everyone’s future.
  • Innovation: Carrier practically invented innovation in HVAC, and it devotes substantial resources for continued research and development.
  • Customer care: No one tops Carrier Authorized Dealers for customer service. As a Carrier Authorized Dealer, we value our customers and communities with which we do business, and we are devoted to exceeding customer expectations for 100 percent satisfaction.
  • Employee development: Carrier fosters a culture of respect, positive work environment and a commitment to excellence. Our employees are well trained, diverse and here when you need assistance.
  • Quality: The sum of Carrier’s core values is quality; quality in HVAC service, repair and installation, in company and community development, the environment and, of course, innovation.

That’s why Carrier contractors and Carrier HVAC systems, trusted yesterday, today and tomorrow, are your best HVAC solutions for upgrades and new installations. Contact your Carrier Factory Authorized Dealer today by calling us at Keith Air Conditioning.