Schedule HVAC Service Before It’s Too Late

July 31, 2018

HVAC contractors: our heroes of air conditioning!

Summer – what a bright, playful and yet sweltering time of the year! It’s also more than through your typical May-August months if you’re lucky enough to live in a Southern state like Alabama. Come September, whatever your Labor Day celebrations may be, HVAC service increases chances it’s going to beat the rising thermostat and make it a comfortable event.

As far as heat indexes go, you want to be grilling up some sizzling fare on your outdoor patio, not in your living room!

If your home’s heating and air equipment hasn’t had HVAC service on a regular basis or is 15+ years old, you’re looking at a potential meltdown during the hottest months up ahead.

Or worse, what if your home’s outdated AC decides quit on you in the middle of a holiday gathering? There are few family events capable of tanking as rapidly as ones in poorly-ventilated venues in the blazing summer heat.

Why wait around for an AC emergency to strike you unexpectedly? With Keith Air’s trusted, all-inclusive air conditioning services, you’ll be in the skilled hands of our NATE-certified technicians from the start.

Our all-star team of top quality, factory-trained and field-experienced HVAC techs and installers are always ready to tackle your cooling problems at a run.

To Salute Our Hard Workers for Labor Day, Here are a Few Solid Practices Carried by Our Professionally-licensed HVAC Service Pros at Keith Air:

  • We do regular troubleshooting on your HVAC unit, such as filter replacements or cleanings, checking breakers and connections, and stopping indoor HVAC water leaks. Other common issues we also fix are broken compressors, faulty wiring or thermostats, indoor and outdoor coil malfunctions, and defective or dirty evaporator cores. 
  • Through modern HVAC advances, we offer the convenience of ductless mini-split air conditioning units perfect to retrofit in a rehab or addition when you don’t want to go through the hassle and expense of installing ductwork. 
  • We also provide more difficult, specifically tailored and factory-level repairs on your existing unit than those general fixes above, or we can perform brand new energy-efficient AC installations for you. 
  • As a part of our HVAC service available to all customers, Keith Air has an affordable preventative maintenance plan included alongside a 2-year warranty with all new AC installations and features two complete HVAC inspections per year at one low price. 
  • As far as repairs or emergency situations go, our labor services and parts receive a 15 percent discount as part of the HVAC maintenance plans. Additionally, maintenance plan customers don’t pay overtime rates.

Schedule HVAC Service Now

Don’t wait until time has crawled past late summer to schedule your HVAC service appointment. You’ll want to call Keith Air before the Labor Day holiday rush starts! It’s common for good AC servicing companies to be booked leading up to the holiday.

This Labor Day at Keith Air, Inc., our hats are going off to our amazing HVAC technicians and installers who help residents feel cool, calm and collected during sunny Alabama weather. Without our Keith Air ‘laborers,’ summer around Mobile and the greater Baldwin county area sure would be a lot less fun!

To get your healthy lifetime relationship with your HVAC unit started today, don’t hesitate to contact the air conditioning experts at Keith Air right away. Keith Air is proudly family-owned since 1964 and ready to solve your HVAC issues. We’ll keep your summers light and breezy for this year’s Labor Day and those yet to come.