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Dog under blanket | Upgrade to a New Furnace | Keith Air Conditioning

Get Your Furnace a Much-Needed Upgrade

The holidays are over. If you’re like many Americans, you may have set aside a present or two in the ‘return’ pile to take back to the store. Hope you’ve got gift receipts! Unfortunately, problems can also occur when you purchase big items for your home. Sometimes the installation of a furnace or central air system doesn’t go as planned.

After the dust settles from this holiday season, don’t stress if you discover you’ve ended up with a broken or improperly installed furnace!

Turn to Keith Air for the Furnace Help You Need

Once the excitement and stress of the holidays are wrapped up, the last thing you want to worry about is how you’ll keep your home cozy for the rest of the winter. A non-functional furnace can definitely be enough to put a damper on things! If you’ve already done what you can as a homeowner and your furnace still doesn’t work right, it may be time to call in a trusted expert for help.

In the greater Mobile and Baldwin County areas, Keith Air Conditioning, Inc. is here to keep your home comfortable. Even after holiday festivities are done for the year, Keith Air Conditioning works around the clock to fix any furnace or other HVAC issues you may experience.

If You Can’t Return It, Improve It

Great news, Alabama residents! As a Carrier Factory Authorized Dealer, Keith Air offers affordable, comprehensive heating and air services. We’d love to help you with everything from furnace repairs to maintenance, upgrades and so much more!

Here are several of the HVAC services we provide to our satisfied customers year-round:

  • Regular tune-ups and maintenance

Through our total comfort plan, the expert NATE-certified technicians from Keith Air will provide two annual HVAC inspections. If our technician determines a repair or upgrade is needed, you’ll save with extra discounts on additional parts or labor. To show our exclusive loyalty to our customers, you’ll also receive priority status on our emergency services list if you experience a furnace breakdown or AC meltdown.

  • Furnace installation and repair

Keith Air specializes in more than just air conditioning! We offer a range of products and services, which includes the installation, maintenance or repair of all brands of furnaces and heat pumps.

  • Ductless air conditioners

Keith Air offers the latest in advanced technology and equipment. We’d love to tell you all about innovative alternatives to traditional central heating and cooling systems, such as Carrier’s ductless mini-split AC units. All new installations come with a standard 10-year parts and two-year labor warranty.

  • Affordable prices

If you’re concerned HVAC maintenance and repairs may be out of your budget, we are proud to offer workable solutions for you. Keith Air has flexible finance options available for qualified credit, like our special 60-month payment plan. Apply online through our convenient and secure website!

For any HVAC services you may need in the new year, like a repair or upgrade for your faulty furnace, contact Keith Air to schedule your appointment today.

Woman surprise man with gift | Heating and Air Plan Makes a Great Gift | Keith Air Conditioning

A Great Heating and Air Plan – A Gift that Keeps on Giving

Need a great alternative to traditional holiday gift choices for your loved ones? Instead of a sweater or a fruitcake, consider a heating and air maintenance plan!

When you gift this service to friends or family, they’ll receive the safety and comfort of a reliable and fully functional HVAC system. This year, give freedom from worry about heating and air emergencies or other repair and maintenance issues. Peace of mind is a gift money can’t buy – or can it?

Keep Your Home and Wallet Comfortable All Year

As a top HVAC contractor within the greater Mobile and Baldwin County area, Keith Air offers a very affordable, easy, and comprehensive total comfort maintenance plan. It’s just the thing for an older relative or busy single parent this holiday season.

Why wait until you have to fix a broken HVAC component, when you can enjoy the benefits of regularly scheduled service with a maintenance plan? Read more about the benefits of a heating and air maintenance plan below, and you’ll be 100% sold!

Preventive heating and air maintenance is key

Just as you’d care for your personal health, regular care for the health of your home’s heating and air system is quite similar. Preventive measures like annual tune-ups for your heating and air system will extend its service life. These services will also help to deliver the SEER ratings as when your unit was brand-new.

Regular service can also help to identify potential problems with your heating and air system before they grow into costly repairs. The easiest problem to fix is one you never have in the first place!

Promote efficiency and save energy

Just as with your vehicle or any other piece of mechanical or electrical equipment, regular tune-ups to your home’s heating and air system ensure it runs at top capacity. Efficient operation can save you money on energy bills for months and years to come.

Save money in the long run

Regular maintenance of your home’s HVAC system will extend its service life and keep it operational at peak efficiency. You’ll save money over time with more efficient operation and fewer repairs, when you take advantage of a good maintenance plan such as the total comfort plan offered by Keith Air.

What’s Included in a Heating and Air Maintenance Plan?

What will your lucky recipient enjoy, when you give the gift of a heating and air maintenance plan? If it’s similar to the total home comfort plan from Keith Air, it will include some or most of the following benefits.

  • Two inspections per year – a trained technician will check and clean system components, and provide estimates and options for any needed repairs
  • Discounts on parts and labor, plus overtime service at no additional charge
  • Guarantees on repairs
  • Priority appointments for emergency service and new system installations

Keith Air Conditioning Is Your Heating and Air Specialist

This year, don’t take the easy way out and buy a frivolous holiday present for a loved one. There’s a better choice! Consider the practicality and comfort a heating and air maintenance service plan offers to a family member or friend.

For a special gift to give comfort and savings all year long, contact Keith Air’s professional team of HVAC experts today to discuss your maintenance plan options.

Brunette woman opens bad gift | Faulty Gas Furnace Like a Bad White Elephant Gift | Keith Air Conditioning

Could Your Gas Furnace Surprise You Like a White Elephant Gift?

As we shift into ‘the most wonderful time of the year,’ concerns about preparations, cooler temperatures and even the reliability of your gas furnace build. The holiday season brings festivities along with the cold weather, and the white elephant gift exchange party is a fun tradition.

If you’re unfamiliar, white elephant, or Yankee Swap parties, require everyone invited to bring an anonymous present to add to a pool. Hilarious chaos often ensues as guests vie for the best present by ‘stealing’ another person’s gift.

White elephant parties can be lots of fun due to the element of surprise as long as you don’t end up with the “gag” or “dud” gifts. A gift swap might be good for some laughs, but there’s nothing funny about a “dud” gas furnace!

Upgrade Your Home’s Furnace, So It Doesn’t Catch You Off-Guard

What would not be fun is if surprise and mischief came into play in the form of a non-functional gas furnace in your home when cold winter weather arrives! Your home’s heating system needs to work at peak effectiveness and top operational standards this holiday season, for the white elephant party or any other holiday events you host to be as warm and hospitable as they can be.

If you’re unsure whether your heating system will serve you for the whole season, you may want to consider an upgrade. In the greater Mobile and Baldwin County area, Keith Air is the HVAC contractor you can trust to help with any home heating issues. We are specialists in Carrier factory-certified heating and cooling systems.

Before the cold really hits, check out the benefits when you upgrade your home’s gas furnace or other HVAC components with Keith Air:

  • Great finance offers and prices

When you’re ready to take the leap and upgrade, you may qualify for our special finance deals and HVAC installation offers to save your gift budget.

  • Guaranteed results

Keith Air is confident in the quality of their HVAC services. We offer a standard 10-year parts and two-year labor warranty with every gas furnace or other new equipment installation.

  • Top-quality products and services

As a Carrier Authorized Factory Dealer, Keith Air offers the installation and service of all Carrier models. This includes heat pumps and ductless air conditioners. All of our technicians are NATE-certified and factory-trained for Carrier and other brands of HVAC equipment.

  • Affordable, preventative HVAC care

Along with the installation of a new gas furnace or any other equipment, Keith Air offers an annual total comfort maintenance plan. This includes two HVAC inspections and tune-ups, priority emergency services, and additional discounts on parts and labor with no overtime charges.

Just as you wouldn’t buy your white elephant presents at the last minute, you also shouldn’t wait until the last minute to service or upgrade your old gas furnace. Keep your home toasty-warm this holiday season. Contact Keith Air today to schedule your consultation.

Ductless Air Conditioner and Hand with Remote | Ductless Air Conditioners Hidden Benefits | Keith Air Conditioning

The Hidden Benefits of Ductless Air Conditioners

Did you know ductless air conditioners have a secret power? They also provide heat! If you’re tired of soaring energy bills and uneven temperatures, find out if ductless technology could be the solution you need for efficiency and comfort in your home.

Hot and cold spots with central air are common. These are due to furnace issues, poor insulation, or ineffectively defined climate zones. Generally, hot and cold spots occur when a thermometer reads the area around the main thermostat.

These small temperature variations can cause your thermostat to read inaccurately. With the steady drop in outdoor temperatures, homeowners with cold spots are right to be concerned.

Energy-Efficient Heating Plus Cooling

Before you decide to replace an entire furnace or heat pump, consider alternatives to drastic and expensive actions. You may be able to bring yourself the comfort and efficiency you desire, with an easier and more affordable solution.

Most people are unaware of all available options in air conditioning and heating systems. Ductless air conditioners are one of the easiest and most cost-effective fixes to target a specific room or area in your home.

If you choose to go the ductless route, you’ll enjoy optimal results when you work with a brand-certified contractor like Keith Air. Our technicians are factory-trained with AC equipment from industry leaders like Carrier.

Carrier’s ductless mini-split AC units are composed of an outdoor condenser unit and an indoor distribution unit. They operate within SEER (Seasonal Energy Efficiency Ratio) units of 13-21. Keith Air also offers Carrier’s newer, more advanced Infinity models. These provide even higher operational capacities and additional features to boost efficiency such as variable-speed compressors.

Enjoy These Benefits with Ductless Air Conditioners

Cheaper electricity bills

Due to the setup and design of a ductless unit, it is far more energy-efficient than its central air counterpart. Save money when you only heat or cool as much air as you need.

Cleaner IAQ

With the emphasis on ‘ductless,’ these units provide cooling and heating circulation without the installation of ductwork. Ductless air conditioners are cleaner than traditional central air systems, without the need to clean ducts. Because ducts eventually accumulate dust and other airborne contaminants, less ductwork also helps to keep the indoor air quality of your home at a decent level.

Faster, easier installation

Installation of a ductless AC unit is quick and hassle-free, with no major construction required. This makes a ductless system an ideal choice for spaces where ductwork can’t be installed, or in additions where expansion of the existing ducts is not possible.

Improved specificity of the airflow control

Ductless air conditioners can fix hot spots as well as cold ones. They are designed to direct airflow to a specific, more concentrated area in your home. This means you can kiss those uneven temperatures goodbye!

Keith Air Conditioning Is Your Source for Ductless Air Conditioners and More

As a Carrier Factory Authorized Dealer, Keith Air is proud to offer exceptional services in installation and maintenance of all Carrier products, such as their ductless air conditioner units. Contact us today to schedule your initial appointment with our professional team of HVAC experts!