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Getting Your House Ready for Holiday Guests

holiday guests

The holiday season is likely to bring an ongoing stream of guests to your Spanish Fort, Alabama, home. Planning parties, preparing large meals and catering to the various needs of your visitors, can make this a stressful time. Make sure you’re prepared for your holiday guests with these handy seasonal tips.

Offer Easy Information and Entertainment

Stop by your local visitor’s center or even a nearby rest stop for maps and brochures for popular local attractions and information about upcoming events. Tuck these together in a little welcome folder, so guests have instant access to useful information. Keep a few magazines, books, movies, and crossword or Sudoku puzzles handy as well, so guests have enough to keep them occupied — especially when you are busy.

Freshen the Air

During the holidays, you typically have a lot of people and activity in and around your home. You may pull dusty decorations out of storage or buy new furniture. These activities can generate a lot of dirt, dust, debris and chemical odors. Make sure your indoor air stays clean and fresh, and watch out for musty odors. An annual tune-up will help to ensure that your HVAC system is up to the challenge this season. Making monthly filter changes on your own will further improve its operation.

Collect Essentials for Overnight Guests

Put together a basket for overnight guests and keep it on hand, so you are prepared to meet their needs. This should include guest towels, some travel size toiletries, and essentials like toothbrushes and disposable razors. Keep spare pillows and clean sheets stocked in a closet. With these essentials on hand, you’re always ready for guests, including the unexpected drop-in.

If your home comfort systems aren’t working properly or need a timely tuneup, contact Keith Air Conditioning, Inc. at 251-476-3610. We can help you to get your HVAC system in top shape so you’re prepared to keep everyone comfortable — from your own family to the friends and distant relatives dropping by.

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How to Plan an Eco-Friendly Holiday

During the holiday season, retailers work hard to tempt you into consuming more, but this can put a significant strain on the environment. Go green with eco-friendly holiday choices and turn your Mobile, Alabama, home into a peaceful and conservation-friendly haven this season.

Purchase Sustainable Gifts

Look for holiday gifts that are easier on the environment, like organic cotton linens, bamboo tableware, or repurposed products. Items made by local craftspeople have a smaller carbon footprint because of the elimination of shipping and the need for less packaging. Consider recycled paper or seed paper for holiday cards and stationery, and use recycled wrapping paper to dress things up.

Put Lights on a Timer

Set your holiday decorations on a timer so that you don’t waste electricity lighting the house during daylight hours. While a glowing tree is charming in the evening, make sure you turn it off before you go to bed to avoid wasting energy all night. A preset timer makes it easier to minimize energy usage by automating these adjustments.

Turn Back the Thermostat

As the temperatures drop, it’s tempting to turn the heat on high. Set the thermostat back as much as you comfortably can to minimize your energy use as well as your utility bills this season. Small and inexpensive moves can go a long way toward keeping you comfortable. Switch to flannel sheets and heavier pajamas as well, so you can keep the thermostat lower at night without disrupting anyone’s comfort.

Enjoy Gift-Free Fun

Step back from some of the consumerism of the holiday and enjoy activities that don’t require any additional resources. Instead of hosting gift parties, gather friends for games or carols. Make natural pine cone ornaments instead of plastic ones. Buy less and do more with what you have.

If you’re overdue for your annual maintenance visit, your HVAC system isn’t as eco-friendly as it could be this season. Book your appointment with Keith Air Conditioning, Inc. today by calling 251-476-3610.