Purchased a New Air Conditioner? Schedule Routine Care

September 18, 2018

Keep your new unit in top shape!

Congratulations! You’ve made the leap and upgraded your outdated air conditioner to a newer and more efficient model. A brand new AC unit is an investment. Be sure to support this important purchase with proper maintenance.

Most people mistakenly treat new air conditioning units like buying a new television – they set it and forget it. This results in a gradual breakdown of the fine-tuned mechanics of the unit over the years.

A properly maintained HVAC unit, even in Alabama, may be able to run at peak efficiency for at least 15 years. On the other hand, improperly maintained and neglected air conditioners can burn out early.

Good news! Keith Air Conditioning, Alabama’s trusted HVAC provider specializing in air conditioner maintenance and repairs, provides an affordable and easy option. Join an AC maintenance agreement plan to complement your newly installed unit. This will keep your new unit running at its best and preserve its useful lifespan.

Air Conditioner Service Plan Perks

  • Filter and coil changes and cleaning. The filters remove impurities from the air inside your home. They also protect the air conditioner system from excess dirt or foreign particles.

    Clogs and excess debris cause a lag in the efficiency of your AC unit. Dirt and grime also collect on the outside coils. This reduces efficiency. Anything negatively affecting efficiency costs you more money.

    Our NATE-certified HVAC technicians do any work required in filter, coil and vent maintenance. This is part of routine services in your maintenance plan.

  • Twice annual complete inspections. If you wait until your air conditioner is malfunctioning to schedule an inspection, chances are the repairs required will cost more. Avoid this when you keep up with a biannual inspection schedule in a Keith Air Conditioning maintenance agreement plan.

  • Priority repair and installation services at no additional cost. Other HVAC contractors upcharge for emergency repair services. This may run your HVAC repair bill at least hundreds of dollars above normal.

    The response time for emergency air conditioner repair services with other companies also tends to be delayed, especially during summer months.

    With a Keith Air Conditioning maintenance agreement plan, you receive 24/7, 365-days/year priority repair and installation services. Plus, you receive a 15 percent discount on all parts and a one-year guarantee as a maintenance plan participant.

Keith Air Conditioning Can Keep Your New Air Conditioner in Top Condition

Don’t waste your investment by skipping routine HVAC services. Let Keith Air Conditioning, servicing the wider Mobile area, take care of all the needed aspects of your new air conditioner. With the wide array of benefits, the most practical option is to take advantage of Keith Air Conditioning annual maintenance plan.

This agreement will give you the comprehensive coverage your air conditioning unit needs. Keith Air Conditioning is here to keep you and your family cool for decades.

Contact Keith Air Conditioning today to get started!