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Troubleshoot Your Home Heating System

Keith Air Conditioning, Inc. and HeatingProblems with your heating system can make life uncomfortable during the winter months. Not every issue requires a professional intervention, though. Troubleshooting heating system issues isn’t difficult, and many common problems can be easily fixed if you know what to look for. Before calling your HVAC contractor for help, try these troubleshooting tips.

Start at the Thermostat

First, make sure the thermostat is in “heat” mode, then set it above the displayed room temperature to see if the furnace cycles on. If the heater doesn’t kick on, look for a tripped breaker or blown fuse in the main electrical panel. Next, check that the furnace blower compartment cover is closed properly so it engages the small power switch behind it. If the thermostat is battery-operated and the display won’t light up at all, replacing the battery may solve the problem.

Examine the Air Filter

A dirty air filter can reduce the amount of warmth that arrives at the registers, but it can also cause a system shutdown or even shorten the HVAC equipment life span. To prevent these issues, check the filter once a month and replace it when it starts to look dirty. The filter may be located behind a cold air return grille or inside the blower compartment of the furnace. If you don’t check it regularly and the filter becomes badly clogged with dust, dirt and debris, the furnace can overheat and trigger the high limit switch that shuts it down and leaves you without heat.

Check the Pilot Light or Electronic Ignitor

If the pilot light has gone out on your older furnace, follow the manufacturer’s instructions in the owner’s manual to relight it. For a newer model with an electronic ignitor, resetting the gas valve inside the furnace is one simple fix you can try yourself. Locate the reset valve, shut it off, wait about five minutes, then turn it on again. If the furnace still doesn’t start, it’s time to get a professional diagnosis.

If you need expert help with troubleshooting heating issues in your Baldwin County home, contact us today at Keith Air Conditioning, Inc.