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How a Côr Thermostat Can Lower Your Utility Bills

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If you still use a manual thermostat to control the temperature in your Mobile, Alabama home, it is time to consider making a change to something smarter. With a smart thermostat, you can automate your heating and cooling, saving you time, energy, and money.

Program According to Need

Manual thermostats require you to go to the thermostat to adjust settings each time you want to change the temperature in your home. With a programmable thermostat such as Carrier’s Côr™ Wi-Fi Thermostat, you can set a temperature schedule in advance, so that you never have to worry about remembering to adjust the thermostat several times each day. Programmable thermostats allow you to use your HVAC system more efficiently so you can avoid wasting energy and increasing utility costs. Smart thermostats also allow for manual overrides in case of any changes in your schedule, so that you won’t need to sacrifice comfort at any time.

Adjust Your Côr Thermostat on the Go

Changing circumstances mean you might need to make adjustments to your thermostat’s preprogrammed settings. If you find you will be returning home much later than planned, for example, with a Côr thermostat you don’t need to be home to make the adjustment. Instead, you can log into the system with your smartphone, laptop or tablet, and change the settings no matter where you are located. Because Côr thermostats connect via Wi-Fi, you can manage different thermostat settings even when you are away from home. This allows you therefore, to save valuable energy.

Save With Energy Reports

Another way the Côr thermostat helps you to lower your energy consumption is by tracking energy usage. In this way, you can compare how you use energy over time in order to make energy-saving adjustments where necessary.

Are you ready to take advantage of a Côr thermostat’s energy-saving features? Call the experts at Keith Air Conditioning, Inc. at 251-476-3610. We can help you to select the right smart thermostat for your needs and budget.

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Avoid These Mistakes When Setting Your Thermostat


A programmable thermostat is a great energy-saving installation that will streamline the way you manage comfort levels in your Alabama home. For this smart solution to be effective, you must program it correctly. Get the most from your thermostat this summer by avoiding common programming mistakes.

Extreme Thermostat Settings

Setting a dramatically temperature low will not help it cool the house faster. Your home cools at a gradual rate until it reaches the desired temperature. One of the advantages of this programmable device is that it allows you to set temperatures based on your activities. The U.S. Department of Energy recommends optimal temperatures for air conditioner efficiency for when you wake up, when you are away from home, and when you are sleeping.

Using the Temperature Override

A temporary override by simply pressing the arrows on the thermostat will let you adjust your temperature settings to briefly depart from the programmed setting. When you choose to override the settings, you will not alter the programmed settings on the unit, and it will eventually return to its previously programmed setting. Using the override on a regular basis will affect the system’s efficiency and nullify the programmable thermostat’s energy-saving advantage. It is better to leave your thermostat at the optimal set points for at least eight hours at a time.

Timely Settings

When you program temperatures based on your daily and weekly schedules, give it enough time to adjust. For example, set the thermostat to begin adjusting so your home will be comfortable when you arrive. If you go to bed at 8 p.m. and want the home cooled to a specific temperature by then, set temperatures to begin adjusting approximately one hour before. The only exception to this rule is an adaptive thermostat which has sensors, and adapts to start changing the temperature if you return home early, for example. Another option is a WiFi model, which allows you to make adjustments remotely.

Interested in programmable thermostats? Contact Keith Air Conditioning, Inc. at 251-476-3610 for more information. The right team and the right solutions will make the difference in your home comfort this summer.

New Thermostats Can Improve HVAC Energy Efficiency

Keith Air ConditioningDid you know that the new indoor comfort control systems can save you money on residential energy costs? Adding a state-of-the-art thermostat to your Mobile, AL, heating and cooling system is almost like getting a total HVAC upgrade.

Programmable thermostats can help your HVAC to operate more effectively, thereby increasing indoor comfort. These thermostats can also ensure a consistent indoor temperature throughout your home. Last but not least, high-tech thermostats can reduce the load on your HVAC equipment, giving it a longer life.

Programmable Thermostats

High-tech thermostats can be set to deliver warm and cool air to precisely match your schedule. When temperatures are matched to schedules, the result is decreased energy usage. Proper thermostat selection and correct use will save even more on energy costs. There are three basic types of thermostat control systems:

    • Seven-day thermostats for schedules that change daily
    • Five-plus-two-day thermostats for those with different weekday and weekend schedules
    • Five-one-one thermostats for those with set weekday schedules and two different weekend schedules


Smart Functions

One of the many benefits of modern thermostats is set-it-and-forget-it convenience. After adjusting the thermostat to match your schedule, you are basically good to go. When your schedule changes, say for a vacation, you can use a hold/vacation setting to override your usual settings.

Some thermostats will remind you when it’s time to change the air filters and alert you to system dysfunctions. Other models can multitask by controlling not only temperature but also ventilation, air flow, humidity and indoor air quality. If you opt for a control system with mobile connectivity, you can control your Mobile, AL, indoor comfort system on your mobile or laptop from anywhere.

Maximize Energy Savings

According to Energy Star, for every degree you raise your indoor air temperature in summer and lower it in winter, you’ll save two percent on energy costs. Other money-saving practices include:

      • Set it and forget it; overriding your settings costs you money
      • Use the hold feature to deliver a constant indoor air temperature while on vacation
      • When you program the thermostat, maintain constant temperatures as long as possible
      • Install a thermostat in each zone of a zoned heating and cooling system

To learn more about HVAC upgrades with a programmable thermostat, check out Keith Air Conditioning’s lineup of state-of-the-art control systems and thermostats or call 251-476-3610.