How to Stay Comfortable When Your HVAC System Is on the Fritz

April 20, 2016

HVAC system

When your HVAC system won’t produce the right level of air conditioning, you’ll want our technicians to fix the problem as quickly as possible. In the meantime, however, you don’t want to suffer through uncomfortable conditions inside your home. Try these strategies to stay comfortable in your Loxley, Alabama, home while your HVAC system is on the fritz.

Adjust Your Diet

The foods and beverages you consume can have a tremendous impact on how cold or warm you feel. When the mercury soars, stick with ice-cold drinks like juice, iced tea, and water. You can even put your glass in the freezer briefly to make your beverages extra frigid. Ditch hot meals in favor of cool alternatives, such as fresh salads and fruits. Of course, it is very important to keep hydrated. A cool glass of water will help to keep you comfortable and stave off the ill-effects of a hot house.

If you do use the stove, try to prepare meals with shorter cooking times to reduce the amount of heat being generated. A great option while the weather is still favorable is to take the cooking outdoors. Firing up the grill is a great alternative if you still desire a hot meal.

Look for Portable Alternatives

Table and floor fans can keep you cool when your air conditioner fails to work properly. Fans don’t actually chill the air, though. Instead, they create air movement, which makes you feel cooler even though the temperature of the room doesn’t change. Turning on ceiling fans can create an even greater cooling effect.

Use Window Treatments Wisely

Sunlight streaming through windows or glass doors will introduce additional heat into your home. On warmer days, use curtains, blinds, and shades to keep the sunlight out. Blocking the sun’s rays will help to reduce their effect on your indoor temperature.

Sometimes you have to use DIY solutions to stay comfortable during an emergency. We offer fast HVAC service if your system goes on the fritz. For more air conditioning solutions, give the experts at Keith Air Conditioning, Inc. a call today at 251-476-3610.