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Over the years, Fairhope has been the site of several Native American settlements and at least two European towns. Initially inhabited by members of the Choctaw tribe and other indigenous groups, the area eventually gave rise to a settlement called Alabama City. Unfortunately, economic conditions conspired to limit Alabama City’s growth potential, and the settlement was abandoned during the 19th century. Fairhope arose in its place as a demonstration project for the single tax philosophy. Although this use didn’t last, the community has thrived during the century and a quarter since its founding and continues to add population.


Fairhope is located in Baldwin County, Alabama. It’s tucked into a series of coves and estuaries along Mobile Bay and features ample transportation access to the rest of the county. Fairhope’s busiest transportation thoroughfares include U.S. Highway 98 and Alabama Highway 42. Surrounding communities include Daphne, Point Clear and Mobile. The area is located on a broad patch of elevated ground that’s marked by shallow river valleys and marshy patches as well as virgin pine forests and agricultural fields.

Population and Demographics

Fairhope has a year-round population of just over 15,000. Although its population has fluctuated in response to various economic pressures, it has generally risen over the past 30 years. With plenty of land left to be developed away from the shore of Mobile Bay, it’s likely that this will continue for some time. Most residents of Fairhope work in logistics or service provision, and many commute to downtown Mobile. However, other remain closely tied to the land and water. Thriving dairy and fishing industries represent a big slice of the local economy.

Things to Do in Fairhope, Alabama

Locals and visitors alike can find plenty to do in Fairhope. The city has several museums and collections, including the Fairhope Museum of History and the education-focused Marietta Johnson Museum. For locals who prefer to spend time outdoors, nearby Mobile Bay supports just about every water sport imaginable. It’s also a popular destination for crabbing enthusiasts and fishermen. Golfers love Rock Creek Golf Club, a championship course that hosts PGA events and attracts players of all skill levels. Outdoorsy types enjoy spending time with their pets or jogging at Fairhope Municipal Park.

Climate and Weather

Fairhope experiences a mild, wet climate that’s typical of the Gulf Coast region. The area’s winters are marked by cool and rainy conditions, but snow, ice and even killing frosts are relatively rare. However, most types of tropical vegetation struggle to thrive in the region. During the spring and fall, thunderstorms and rain showers keep the area looking lush. Summers are hot and humid, but persistent thunderstorms keep temperatures from rising too far. Fairhope occasionally experiences dangerous hurricanes and tropical storms, but residents are well-prepared for these events.

Air Conditioning Repair in Fairhope, Alabama

For more than 50 years, Keith Air Conditioning, Inc. has helped the people of Fairhope find affordable, dependable air conditioning service that adheres to their own schedules. Keith Air Conditioning, Inc.’s licensed, bonded and insured technicians carry up-to-date Alabama licenses and NATE certifications. With combined decades of experience, they’re equipped to perform all manner of service and repair jobs, including historic building retrofits, indoor air quality audits, commercial installations and duct cleanings. Keith Air Conditioning, Inc. offers scheduled maintenance plans that keep ownership costs manageable for its clients as well as emergency service that works any time of the day or night.

Keith Air Conditioning, Inc. doesn’t simply employ talented HVAC technicians who can handle all manner of repairs and installations. The company is also a factory-authorized Carrier dealer that provides access to award-winning, cutting-edge pieces of equipment, including gas furnaces, geothermal water heaters, powerful commercial air conditioners and indoor air quality devices. Many of these products come with factory warranties that cover certain replacements and repairs over a long period of time, and maintenance plans provide additional peace of mind.

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