Why Some People Are Always Too Hot

May 29, 2017

If you’re always hot, then agreeing on a thermostat setting with family members who are often chilly can be difficult. Neither of you is being difficult; some people genuinely feel too hot or too cold more often. To keep a thermostat battle from happening in your Alabama home, set ground rules about the thermostat and find other ways to compromise.

Stress Plays a Part

Your body temperature rises when you’re stressed because your blood starts pumping faster. It centers on your organs, making you feel hotter overall, as your body prepares for fight or flight. If you’re often hot, check your stress levels. The solution to your temperature woes could include taking some deep breaths and doing some yoga or another exercise.

Women Tend to Be Chillier

Some physiological factors come into play that cause women to, on average, be colder than men. This rule isn’t hard and fast, though, and everyone probably knows at least one man who’s always cold or one woman who’s always hot. At the same time, young people tend to be warmer than older folks, though again, this is just a generalization.

Psychology Might Be Involved

When you feel too cold or too hot, glance at the thermostat. Chances are, it’s not as cold or as hot indoors as you think it is. The best way to work with family members arguing over the thermostat is to put down a set temperature schedule. Go by what HVAC pros recommend: 78 in the summer and 68 in the winter for the hours you’ll be home and awake. If family members are too hot or cold, they can use other methods to adjust.

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