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Cooling your home takes up a sizeable chunk of your energy budget. For those times when you only want to cool certain rooms in your home, zoned air conditioning is the answer to this dilemma. Whether you install a new air conditioner with zoning features or have your existing system retrofitted, it will lower utility costs, reduce wear and tear on the mechanical parts and electronic components of the system, and save energy.

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Definition of a Zone

Central air conditioning systems distribute cooled air through the ductwork. However, cooling an unoccupied room wastes energy that results in higher utility bills.

A zone is one room, a number of rooms, or an area. Each zone has an assigned number, and the capacity of the system will dictate how many zones it can effectively cool. You can control the temperatures of several zones with a programmable thermostat and reprogram zone temperatures at any time.

How Does Zoned Air Conditioning Work

Installing a zoning system lets you control specific zones in your home. The zoning system consists of multiple thermostats attached to a main control panel, sensors placed in the ductwork, and installed flex dampers that use an electronic controller and air pumping system.

You program the temperature for each zone, and the sensors in the ductwork send signals to the flex dampers to open or close according to the settings. The dampers work by constricting or blocking air moving through the ductwork. Dampers are sturdy and fit in ductwork made of flexible material or steel. Because the dampers come in several configurations, it is easy to fit the various shapes of existing ductwork without the need for alterations. It is simple to service any damper by accessing it through the register in a room.

Ductless Systems

Another option for zoned air conditioning, if your home cannot accommodate ductwork, is a ductless system. It has three major parts, which consist of an outside unit or compressor, indoor units, and a handheld thermostat controller. Each indoor unit acts as an independent evaporator and gives you the most flexibility for zoning.

Ductless systems have these advantages.

  • Easy installation
  • Options to place the outside unit up to 50 feet away from the evaporator
  • Requires approximately a three-inch hole for the conduit
  • Same installation time for a ductless system as a central air conditioning system

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