3 Ways to Improve Indoor Air This Winter

December 27, 2017

It’s winter in Mobile, Alabama, and you’ve got your home tightly sealed to keep the chill at bay. As the winter months progress, your tightly sealed home lowers indoor air quality as the lack of fresh air causes the level of allergens and irritants to increase. Fortunately, there are several simple tasks you can complete to drastically improve your indoor air quality this winter.

Change the Filters

Dirty air filters don’t pick up particles well, and they cause your heating system to work overtime. You should change filters at least once a month.

Choose a filter that catches pollutants that are 0.3 microns or larger to catch most irritants. Check filters weekly and change when needed to keep indoor air quality higher.

Install Indoor Air Quality Products

There are several types of whole-home purifiers on the market. Some purifiers catch particles with electrostatic mechanisms, and others add another level of filtration. A UV light will kill bacteria, mold and viruses that circulate in your home, helping reduce illnesses.

It’s no secret that your home gets dry because of drier winter air and heating. Dry air causes coughs, creates sinus issues and can exacerbate breathing problems. Having a whole-home humidifier reduces issues from dry air, cutting down the amount of bacteria and viruses floating in your home.

Consider a home ventilation system that helps keep the air inside your home fresh by bringing in outside air. Energy-recovery ventilators pump out stale air from inside while bringing in outdoor air without using much electricity.

Schedule a Tune-up

Don’t forget to have your HVAC system tuned up regularly. During a tuneup, a skilled service technician will clean parts inside your system that might contain mold and dirt. Not only does regular service improve indoor air quality but it also boosts your system’s efficiency.

At Keith Air Conditioning, we offer several indoor air quality products. Our service technicians will help you choose the best solutions for your family. From purifiers and humidifiers to regular maintenance, we’re here to help. Call 251-476-3610 today to schedule a consultation or maintenance appointment today.