Overnight Temperatures Dropping Soon – Call for HVAC Service

September 25, 2018

If you haven’t called for a tune-up, do it now!

In Alabama, it’s easy to focus on the high heat index in the summer. Just don’t forget Alabama’s winter season isn’t exactly tropical! Stay toasty warm indoors with proper HVAC service. Winter is around the corner and chilly temperatures are creeping closer.

You definitely want to have the peace of mind your HVAC unit is in top shape. Setting up routine services with a trusted HVAC provider is vital to keep your home’s ventilation and heating system is ready. This way, your family is comfortable during colder months.

Many people wait until a problem occurs with their heating system to begin troubleshooting. When it comes to your HVAC unit, however, preventative care is truly the way to go.

Get tune-ups performed during the fall to prepare for winter. Get one in spring to prepare for summer. These measures can be a game-changer, sparing you issues due to HVAC neglect.

Don’t know how to find a good HVAC contractor in your area? Good news! If you live in Mobile or the Baldwin County area, Keith Air Conditioning is here to help you. Proper HVAC service can preserve its lifetime and maintain high efficiency. This also saves you money in the short and long term.

Why HVAC Service is Important

  • Your HVAC unit is responsible for the climate control of your entire house. This includes heating as well as cooling. This requires regular calibration and other maintenance to operate smoothly.
  • Because an HVAC’s workload can be tough, breakdowns are more likely without regular, preventative treatment.
  • Regular maintenance reduces rust, corrosion, leaks, frayed wires and common wear-and-tear on your HVAC unit.
  • For heating systems, a full HVAC service annual inspection requires examinations of the fan, compressor, refrigerant lines and indoor/outdoor coils.
  • You’ll receive proper diagnoses and fixes on your unit with Keith Air Conditioning’s NATE-certified technicians.

Call Alabama HVAC Service Experts Keith Air Conditioning!

The weather can be unpredictable so make sure your HVAC is ready to adapt. With the affordable HVAC service agreement plan offered by Keith Air Conditioning, you get two annual HVAC services, including complete inspections and tune-ups, and 15 percent off necessary parts.

There is also a year-long warranty on any installations or repairs made on your HVAC unit. Don’t wait to schedule your tune-up services with Keith Air Conditioning – prevention is key, and seasonal maintenance on your HVAC unit is no exception to the rule.

The team of Keith Air Conditioning professional technicians and installers are ready to take all the stress and work out of any HVAC service you need!

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