Spring Means It’s Time for an A/C Tune-Up in Baldwin County

April 17, 2014

ac hvac repairThe hot Alabama summer is on its way, and that means your energy bill is going to start showing the cooling costs of your home. But before you switch on your A/C for good, you should treat it to an A/C tune-up. Not only will you catch any problems before they cause you to endure days without cooling, but a tune-up means a higher operating efficiency and lowers energy bills throughout the cooling season.

Do-It-Yourself Maintenance

Before you schedule a professional A/C tune-up there are a few things you can do yourself:

  • Vacuum the air conditioner grills and vents.
  • Replace the air filter. You should be in the habit of doing this every month so that air can continue to flow through the filter and circulate through your home.
  • Clean the evaporator fins or coils with warm, soapy water. Gently straighten any bent fins with a putty knife or similar implement.
  • Check the condensate drain, and note any indications that water isn’t draining properly, such as puddles or a musty smell.
  • Check the outdoor portion of the unit. Ideally, it should be shaded, with any vegetation or awnings at least two feet away.

Professional A/C Tune-Up

Your HVAC professional will give a more technical examination to your unit, focusing on topics like the following:

  • Is the thermostat correctly regulating temperature?
  • Are there any problems with the electrical connections?
  • How much is the unit cooling the air it brings in?
  • Is the wiring functioning properly?
  • Are the blower fan and motor in good shape, and delivering the correct volume of air?
  • How is the system’s overall operation?

An A/C tune-up is a great investment for your home comfort throughout the summer. To learn more or schedule your A/C tune-up today, contact us at Keith Air Conditioning, Inc.