The Smart Programmable Thermostat: For Precise Control of Your Home-Comfort Systems

May 09, 2013

If you truly want to gain control of your home’s comfort level, there’s no time like the present to install a smart programmable thermostat in your Baldwin County home. These advanced units will allow you to reign in some of that wasted energy in your home. Here’s how this new generation of thermostat can change the way you handle your heating and cooling needs.

Out with the old…

The creation of programmable thermostats was heralded by both homeowners and the HVAC industry as a quantum leap in thermostat technology. Gone were the days of severely limited manual thermostats. The new models had digital displays, vacation and hold functionality, and the ability to set the specific times when a homeowner’s heating or cooling equipment would switch on and off. This finally allowed homeowners to wake up to the perfect temperature or arrive home from work to a house that was already set to the comfort level they desired – all while saving energy dollars when nobody was home or awake.

… In with the new

Despite the obvious benefits of programmable thermostats, manufacturers began looking for ways to make these units even better, and the result is the smart programmable thermostat. In addition to sharing all of the attributes of their predecessors, these new devices add functionality such as mobile connectivity and the ability to adapt to your climate preferences.

Mobile connectivity is the biggest change. With one of these thermostats, you can access your home-comfort system via your laptop or smartphone when you’re away from home. Some smart thermostats even have the ability to learn your heating and cooling habits and make adjustments automatically.

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