Preventative Maintenance of Your Baldwin County HVAC System Will Increase Durability

June 22, 2012

Now that summer has officially arrived in Baldwin County, Alabama, you depend on your air conditioner to keep you comfortable. If you forgot to schedule annual AC maintenance in the spring, it is not too late to do it now. At Keith Air Conditioning, a HVAC system company in Baldwin County, we offer professional tune-ups for an affordable price. In addition to AC maintenance in the spring, we also recommend that you get a tune-up for your furnace or heat pump in the fall. This will ensure that your HVAC system remains operational when you need it the most.

The service technicians at our company do a thorough job of providing AC maintenance at your home or business in Baldwin County. We provide our technicians with a detailed checklist of items for every AC maintenance appointment they go to. This includes such items as changing the air filter, refilling low supplies of refrigerant gases, cleaning the inside of the unit, looking for loose wiring, lubricating the parts and so forth. We always provide you with a detailed report of all services we performed during your AC maintenance appointment. The report also includes recommendations for future repair services if we happen to notice any issues.

Once your appointment with Keith Air Conditioning, Inc. is concluded, you can enjoy the numerous benefits of preventative maintenance. An HVAC system that is properly maintained runs much more efficiently than one that is not. You can expect your HVAC system to need fewer repairs throughout the year as a result of investing in a tune-up. When you receive your monthly utility bill, you may notice a decrease in the amount of energy use and your bill. Your home in Baldwin County will also feel more comfortable as the result of having an efficient HVAC system.