What is That Weird Noise Coming From My Air Conditioner?

May 15, 2018

Don’t ignore the strange sounds coming from your air conditioning unit! Summer is on our doorstep, and the mercury is going to start climbing. Of course, we love summer and can’t wait to get outside, but on the first 90-degree day or your first family pool party of the season, it’s Murphy’s Law that your faulty AC is going to finally give out. You are not, however, at the mercy of Murphy’s Law, there is something you can do. Get your air conditioner serviced to address the noises it’s making before summer gets into full effect!

4 Common Air Conditioner Noises And What Might Be Causing Them:

  1. Screaming – If your air conditioner noise sounds like a high-pitched scream that seems to be coming from the outside of your air conditioning unit when the AC first turns on, you may have an issue with your air conditioner’s compressor. This could be an extremely serious condition, and you should contact your HVAC service provider ASAP to prevent things from getting worse.
  2. Clanging/banging/knocking – When your air conditioner noise is a clanging or banging sound, it is most likely caused from the unit’s fan hitting an obstruction (i.e., a stick or branch which has fallen on it). In this case, you may be able to remove the obstruction yourself, but if left unattended, it will likely cause serious damage to your HVAC unit.
  3. Bubbling/gurgling – If you’re hearing an air conditioner noise that resembles bubbling or gurgling, it could be your condensation drain line, or there could be a refrigerant leak. Check with your HVAC professional to determine what kind of service your unit may require.
  4. Screeching – Screeching, not to be confused with screaming, is an air conditioner noise which may sound like metal scraping on metal. This is usually caused when the fan motor bearings have gone bad and the solution is most likely a fan motor replacement.

While these air conditioner noises could mean a multitude of things, these are some common issues homeowners experience. Routine, preventive maintenance from an experienced HVAC provider like Keith Air can help you stay on top of small issues before they lead to a complete breakdown, at the worst possible time!

Keith Air has 50+ years of experience in providing the very best in HVAC services to Baldwin County. Whatever the strange air conditioner noise means, our NATE-certified technicians will be able to quickly determine the source and get things repaired as affordably and quickly as possible.

We’re here for you 24/7 when an emergency repair is needed, but we recommend an air conditioner service appointment to ensure your system is working at its best as we get closer to the hot days of the Alabama summer.  

Keep in mind if you are in need of a new, more energy efficient air conditioner, Keith Air offers convenient and affordable financing options to help offset the initial outlay to keep your home cool this summer.

Contact Keith Air to schedule your air conditioner service today.