How Mobile Area Homeowners Can Extend the Life of Their HVAC Systems

October 15, 2014

older woman HVAC helpA reliable HVAC system is important in the Mobile area, to make sure your home stays comfortable all year long. But a lot of people don’t know how to treat their HVAC system properly. They don’t take care of it, and as a result, it wears out more quickly than it should, costing a lot of extra money. How can you make your furnace or A/C last as long as possible and continue to operate efficiently?

Tips for Extending the Life of Your HVAC System

  1. Air filters. Your forced-air heating and cooling system’s air filter does more than just remove contaminants from the air in your home. It also keeps those contaminants out of the system itself, where they can damage sensitive components. If your filter isn’t changed regularly, dust can build around the components, shortening the system’s life. Additionally, a clogged air filter restricts system airflow, forcing your system to work harder to heat or cool your home properly. This wastes energy and ultimately wears out an HVAC system more quickly. Check the filter every month and replace it when it looks dirty. Additionally, check the manufacturer’s recommendation of your furnace or A/C, and be aware that every home has specific characteristics that can affect the needed frequency of air filter changes.
  2. Maintenance. Even with a proper air filter, there are plenty of places where dirt and contaminants can build up if you’re not careful. With your split-system A/C or heat pump, clean the outside coil off with a hose occasionally to remove collected dirt and grime. It’s also important to clean off your register and vent covers once a year. Remove them and wipe them down to remove dust buildup before replacing.
  3. Airflow. Extending the life of an HVAC system can be done by reducing its workload. Therefore, maintain good airflow throughout the house, so your system doesn’t have to work so hard to distribute conditioned air. Make sure all vents stay open at all times. Also leave rooms open as much as possible, particularly ones that don’t see much use, rather than shutting their doors. That way, air can flow freely through them.

For more tips on extending the life of an HVAC system, please contact our experts at Keith Air Conditioning, Inc. We provide quality cooling and heating services to the Mobile and Baldwin County areas.