Make These Energy-Saving Tips Part of Your Regular Routine

April 03, 2014

Saving energy on a daily basis¬†isn’t really that tough; it simply takes some commitment. To give you a head start, we’ve put together some energy-saving tips that you can get started on today. Try these out for size.

9 Energy-Saving Tips

  • Replace your outdated light bulbs — Stop holding onto the past and replace your incandescent bulbs with ones that are more energy-efficient like CFLs (compact fluorescent lamps).
  • Unplug energy vampires — Many electronic devices like cell phone chargers and DVD players continue to drain a small amount of power when they’re switched off. To counteract this, unplug electronic devices from the wall.
  • Use a surge protector — An alternative to unplugging everything is to use a surge protector and turn the entire unit off, which will cut all power from the devices.
  • Tune-up your HVAC system — If your heating or cooling system isn’t operating at peak efficiency, it will drain more energy than it needs. Hire a technician to give it a tune-up once a year.
  • Change your system’s air filter — A dirty filter is an inefficient filter. Replace your filter once every 1-3 months, depending on the dust and debris buildup.
  • Air dry your dishes — Using the dishwasher to dry your dishes wastes a lot of energy and money, especially considering that there’s a free alternative available.
  • Turn off the lights — When you leave a room, all lights and electronics should be turned off in order to conserve power.
  • Replace an old HVAC system — When a system is on its last legs, your home’s energy efficiency suffers. It may be time to bite the bullet and seek out a replacement.
  • Look for the Energy Star label — When replacing or purchasing any type of HVAC system or electronic equipment, make sure it has the Energy Star label attached to it. The new Most Efficient label is even better, as it indicates equipment that has achieved the highest level of energy efficiency.

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