Improve Your Air Conditioner, Home’s Indoor Air Quality

May 30, 2018

Avoid Summer Colds

Summer colds are the worst! There’s actual medical science behind this saying. Over 200 viruses can cause common colds. Most of these, like the rhinovirus – tend to peak in the fall. Most summer colds, however, are what’s known as enteroviruses, which bring with them more severe symptoms, and even on occasion, unusual symptoms such as rashes. There is something you can do in an effort to avoid the dreaded summer cold…improve your indoor air quality!

Missing out on the summer festivities that are taking place make summer colds truly the worst. Of course, this summer, you can do your part to wash your hands frequently, get good sleep, minimize stress, and exercise regularly to fend off the common cold in addition to taking the right steps to clean up your home’s air.

3 Ways to Improve Your Indoor Air Quality This Summer:

  1. Preventive Maintenance – Preventive maintenance of your HVAC system can significantly increase your indoor air quality (and reduce your chances of suffering with a summer cold). This routine, regularly-performed maintenance includes some do-it-yourself actions as well as more complex maintenance tasks your experienced HVAC service provider can assist with. For the best indoor air quality, make sure you keep up with the following maintenance schedule:
    1. DIY preventive maintenance – clean or replace your air filters and ensure your HVAC system is free from debris.
    2. Count on your HVAC service provider for checks of your operating system, electrical checks for connection and voltage, motor lubrication, checks for proper air flow and cleanliness among many other checks and maintenance activities that directly impact your indoor air quality.
  2. Repairs – If you have an air purifier in need of repairs or you fear you have poor indoor air quality in your home, don’t wait until a summer cold outbreak hits your household. An HVAC technician can test your indoor air quality and provide an accurate and cost-effective plan to get your air quality at its best.
  3. New Unit Installation – If you don’t currently have an air purifier installed or if the state of your current air conditioner is needed to improve your home’s indoor air quality, now is the time to get started – before the summer festivities get underway.

Don’t wait until the summer cold spreads like wildfire throughout your entire family, wreaking havoc on your summer fun. Improve your indoor air quality with the help of the HVAC professionals at Keith Air.

The pools and other recreational activities are beckoning, don’t miss a minute of the fun. From routine servicing of your HVAC system to DIY actions like changing the air filter as well as upgrading to an air purifier, Keith Air will assist in improving the air quality in your home and reducing your risk of airborne infections which can ruin your summer.

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