Is Your HVAC Contractor Licensed, Bonded and Insured?

May 06, 2014

handy manThe first and perhaps most important step when choosing an HVAC contractor is to ensure they meet the basic requirements to do business in your area. This means making sure they are licensed, bonded and insured. Here’s a look at why these qualifications are important to ensuring a job well done.

Licensed HVAC Contractor

To obtain a license, a technician must complete an apprenticeship, provide proof of insurance, pay a fee and pass a written exam. Then the technician must complete continuing education courses to renew the trade license in coming years.

This process tells you that a licensed contractor is knowledgeable in the trade and serious about delivering satisfactory work. If you don’t place priority on hiring a licensed contractor, the work could be delayed or the end product could be unsatisfactory.

Bonded HVAC Contractor

A “bonded” contractor has purchased a surety bond from a third party. This acts as a type of insurance, designed to protect you, the customer, if the contractor installs equipment incorrectly, damages your property, or fails to pay for permits or meet other financial obligations. In serious instances, it also covers lost or stolen property.

In short, a bond protects you from being saddled with the cost of an unpaid worker or having to live with a poor installation. You can receive compensation for unsatisfactory work by contacting the surety company and proving that you were wronged.

Insured HVAC Contractor

Never hire any type of contractor unless they are insured. Look for two types of coverage. The first is a liability policy, which takes the blame off your shoulders if the property is damaged or a worker is injured on the job. The second is workers’ compensation, which provides payments to injured workers and compensates them for lost wages. In the event of death, workers’ compensation also provides benefits to the technician’s family.

It’s easy to make sure the HVAC contractor you hire has these qualifications. Simply ask for the license and bond number and proof of insurance. To work with a contractor that has all the necessary credentials, please contact us at Keith Air Conditioning, Inc. today.