How to Prevent Mold

November 28, 2017

Getting rid of mold once you’ve found it isn’t hard. But, of course, it’s always better to prevent it from growing to begin with. Although winters in Mobile, Alabama, are drier, the risk of mold is constant. Prevent mold growth with these simple strategies to enjoy greater health and comfort in your home.

Stop Condensation

While relative humidity levels are lower during the winter in Mobile, you can still create moisture in your home. Since the outdoor air is often significantly cooler than the air inside, condensation can form on your windows. That condensation can stimulate mold growth. Prevent condensation by ventilating your home and keeping your home from getting too warm.


Without proper ventilation, moisture is trapped in the corners of your living space and can lead to mold taking root. To prevent moisture from being trapped, ventilate areas of your home with excessive moisture, such as your bathroom or kitchen. You should also ensure that your HVAC system is properly ventilated, or mold spores can grow in the evaporator coil.

Watch for Pipe Leaks

Pipe leaks can be hard to catch. But if you don’t notice them quickly, they’ll often cause mold wherever they leak.

Listen for leaks and watch for decreased pressure from any of your faucets. Sudden increases in water bills can also account for a leak. Fix leaks as quickly as possible to prevent mold from growing.

Don’t let mold growth ruin your fall and winter seasons. Prevent mold growth before it leads to illness and reduced HVAC efficiency. For a professional hand improving your indoor air quality by fighting mold growth, call Keith Air Conditioning at 251-476-3610. We’re here to help you breathe easier, sleep better and enjoy a high quality of life.