3 Green Innovations Changing the HVAC Industry

December 28, 2017

Incorporating daily changes makes a difference when it comes to the health of our planet. Recycling and repurposing have grown in importance, along with using eco-friendly products and technologies. Perhaps you’re thinking about which changes you can make in your Loxley, Alabama, home to make it greener. Check out these green innovations in the HVAC industry that will change the face of home heating and cooling.

Green Innovations in Air Conditioning

It’s not currently available for homes, but a company based in California created an ice-powered air conditioner. Water is frozen in a huge tank overnight, cooling air that circulates over the ice during the day. When the ice melts, the traditional air conditioning system kicks in. This system can cool a large building for six hours from the ice alone.

Chromasun, an Australian company, recently invented thermally driven air conditioning. Rather than solely using electric fuel, thermally driven systems generate power from solar panels and gas. When the solar energy gets depleted, these units use natural gas to create energy.

Ductless air conditioning is one of the greenest cooling systems on the market today. Instead of guzzling electricity through a large outdoor unit, compact units cool the air using a reverse heat pump method. A small outdoor unit pumps a more eco-friendly refrigerant through your home. This liquid picks up heat and releases it outside. Then, the cooler liquid comes in and cools the air through individual indoor units.

Ductless systems also allow you to control your home’s temperature in zones. As a result, you save more energy because you avoid cooling unoccupied or unused areas in your home.

Green Innovations in Heating

Hybrid heating provides warmth through one of the most energy-efficient heating options today. Hybrid heat pumps use electricity and gas heat. These units generate warmth with electricity on days when the outdoor air is chilly.

When temperatures drop to frigid levels, the system switches over to gas heat. Gas heat creates warmth faster without burning as much fuel. Hybrid systems automatically change fuel types based on which fuel is more efficient to create the heat you need.

Geothermal heating has been around for a while. It’s gaining popularity because it’s quite eco-friendly and has a long lifespan.

A pump inside your home moves water through pipes underground and warms it. When the warm water comes inside, the heat exchanger pulls the heat from the water into the air inside. Then, it moves the cooled water back through the pipes.

These units only use electricity to run the pump, exchanger and fan, which is a fraction of what a traditional heating system uses. Geothermal systems last up to 30 years with regular maintenance.

Radiant floor heat works similar to geothermal heat. Instead of warm air blowing through vents, the system pumps hot water beneath the floor. Heat radiates upward from the floor and subsequently warms the entire room.

Green Innovations in Other Areas of HVAC

You waste a lot of cold water while you wait for it to become hot. With an on-demand hot water recirculator, you won’t have to worry about this wastage. With this invention, cold water goes back to the water heater through a designated water line, and it’s heated for later use.

Energy analysis software helps service technicians recommend the most energy-efficient systems for new homes and during replacement. This software projects your home’s energy consumption while accounting for any energy saving measures you’ve taken, helping you make the most eco-friendly choice.

At Keith Air Conditioning, Inc., we offer several green products to help decrease your home’s energy consumption. From ductless air conditioners to programmable, wireless thermostats, we’ve got you covered. Contact us at 251-476-3610 if you have concerns about your home’s heating system.