Get a Quote for Heating and Cooling in Mobile AL

November 30, 2012

Living in Mobile AL, you are aware of how the temperature can undergo extreme changes throughout the year. During the summer months, those Gulf breezes are not always enough to help control the humidity and keep the temperature down to a comfortable level. When winter rolls around, the proximity to the water can lead to chilly conditions that seem to seep directly into the bones. In order to deal with these extremes, you need a reliable heating and cooling system. Keith Air Conditioning, Inc. Inc., we can provide a quote for a new system that will keep the home comfortable without driving up your utility costs.

Heating and Cooling Features

In order to explore your options, it is important to get a quote for heating and cooling solutions that are properly suited for your home. You may already have a list of features that you would like to have with a heating and cooling system. Our job is to help you find a system that provides those features and probably a few more. We will also help you find a system that is energy efficient and the proper size to keep your home comfortable regardless of the weather.

To get a quote for heating and cooling in Mobile AL, give us a call. We’ll arrange to visit your home and analyze the requirements. We will assess the environment in which the system would perform in order to determine the proper equipment.  We will consider the size of the rooms, amount of square footage in the home and the duct system. Even the number and condition of the windows will make a difference.

Heating and Cooling Quote that is Complete

When you get a quote for heating and cooling from Keith Air Conditioning, Inc. Inc., you can rest assured that the quotation will include plenty of detail. We want you to have all the information required to make an informed decision. We will provide you with reasons why we are recommending a certain system, including the current energy rating and how that will impact your future gas and electricity bills. We’ll also make sure you understand what it will cost to modify or add duct work to the home, install additional air returns or add more air vents. You will be able to look at the quote and see exactly what you are paying in terms of the unit, any ancillary features and the amount of labor involved.

After you approve the quote and schedule the installation date, we’ll take it from there. Our team of professionals will arrive on time and have the unit in place as quickly as possible. Before we leave, the unit will be tested thoroughly to ensure you are getting the highest level of efficiency in terms of energy consumption. We will always be available when you need a system inspection or any type of repairs in the future.