Expert Advice about Furnace Installation in Baldwin County

September 28, 2012

As the winter season approaches, many people in Baldwin County AL are looking for a new furnace installation. When planning to get a furnace installation in Baldwin County, it’s important to remember several things. The following guide from Keith Air Conditioning, Inc. explores the many benefits and advantages of a new furnace system.

It’s important to understand how air conditioning, HVAC and furnace systems have evolved over the past few decades. In the past, home furnace systems were very inefficient. In some cases, older furnace systems can use 50 percent more energy to heat a home than a newer system.

All furnace systems installed in the United States come with an efficiency rating. This rating can be used to estimate one’s annual heating and cooling costs. In many cases, it’s possible to calculate how long it will take for a new furnace system to start saving money. For example, imagine that a new furnace installation costs $4500. However, this system is able to save an individual and his or her family $900 a year in energy bills. This system will pay for itself within five years.

Keith Air Conditioning, Inc. wants you to know that it’s important to understand how furnace safety systems have evolved over the past decade. While electric furnaces usually aren’t generally a safety hazard, natural gas or propane furnace systems can pose several significant risks.

For example, older gas furnaces in Baldwin County may not burn fuel all the way. If a fuel source doesn’t burn completely, a furnace may release carbon monoxide into the atmosphere. Carbon monoxide is an extremely dangerous toxin to humans. When an individual breathes carbon monoxide, it binds with hemoglobin in the blood. Once this happens, an individual’s circulatory system won’t be able to provide oxygen to the different organs in the body. This can result in fatigue, depression, apathy, headaches, brain damage and death.

In addition, it can be difficult to detect the presence of carbon monoxide in a home. Since carbon monoxide gas is invisible, tasteless and odorless, there won’t be any visible sign of carbon monoxide in one’s home. In many cases, it can be difficult to correlate certain health problems with the presence of carbon monoxide in one’s home.

While a carbon monoxide detector can be an effective way to detect carbon monoxide in one’s home, the best preventative measure is to make sure that one’s furnace has all the right safety features. Since many older natural gas and propane heaters only have basic features, it’s often a good idea to upgrade to a new furnace installation.

In addition, newer furnaces often use smart thermostats to reduce energy usage in a home. With a smart thermostat, a home will only be heated while it is occupied. When a home is empty, it will be kept at a temperature above freezing. However, an occupied home will be automatically heated to a comfortable temperature. These systems are usually powered by a series of wireless motion detectors.