How Does Duct Cleaning Work?

March 17, 2017

You’ve heard that HVAC technicians sometimes clean ducts, but how can we get your Mobile, Alabama, home’s ducts clean when they’re so hard to reach? Using a powerful vacuum and some great cleaning tools like brushes, we dislodge the dirt and remove it from your ducts.

Cameras Show Inside

To start a duct cleaning, we use mirrors and cameras to get a good look inside. This helps us identify any problem areas where dirt and other debris are accumulating. Getting a good look inside your ducts also gives us the chance to inspect for holes or damage where debris might be getting in. We can assess whether you need any duct repairs.

Small Holes Give Access

We seal up all your vents and returns using pressure-sensitive tape so nothing we dislodge can enter your home and damage your IAQ. Then we cut a small hole to give us access to your ducts for the cleaning process.

Powerful Air and Brushes Dislodge Dirt

Using a vacuum and powerful brushes, we dislodge all the debris from inside your ducts. The vacuum hooks up to the hole we cut near the air handler. The purpose of the vacuum is to both dislodge debris and create negative pressure within your ducts.

One by one, we uncover the registers and start cleaning. Using our special brushes and air tools, we agitate and dislodge anything within your ducts. The vacuum sucks everything up so it doesn’t end up in your house. We catch it in sealed containers within the vacuum. Once that’s done, we seal up the holes and remove the tape from your supply and return vents.

Finally, we clean the other components attached to your ducts, like the insides of your air handler.

Do you think your ducts need to be cleaned? Call Keith Air Conditioning, Inc. so we can examine the guts of your system. If we see debris built up, we can clean your ducts and improve your IAQ. Call us today at 251-476-3610.