Cut Cooling Costs With Ductless AC

September 19, 2017

When you live in Mobile, Alabama, you spend your summers searching for ways to cut your utility costs every month. You try not to run the air conditioner at full blast all day; you know how to use your thermostat to your advantage; and you keep up on your maintenance. Still, your utility costs aren’t as low as you’d prefer. Consider cutting your cooling costs with ductless AC by eliminating the issues caused by ducts and taking more control of your comfort.

What is Ductless Cooling?

Whether you have a standard central heating and cooling system or a heat pump, your unit likely uses ductwork to move air throughout your home. While ducts certainly have their advantages, they can leak, letting your cool air out and warm air into the flow.

Ductless air handlers, on the other hand, sit on your wall and contain fans that blow cooled refrigerant directly into your living space. No ducts required.

Cost-Cutting Benefits of Ductless Cooling

Since ductless systems directly supply your rooms with air and eliminate the need for ducts, there isn’t a chance of the air loss that’s possible with ducts. That way, you only pay for the air you use. Leaky ducts can also spread hazardous particles and contribute to poor indoor air quality, while ductless systems don’t.

Another cost-cutting benefit of ductless air conditioning is the option to zone your home. Since air handlers operate in certain rooms, you get to decide which areas of the home need maximized comfort control. Plus, you can control each zone and its air handler independently. With greater control in your hands comes greater efficiency.

Switching HVAC systems is no small decision, but you’ll quickly see the results of ductless air conditioning. To start cutting costs with ductless AC, call Keith Air Conditioning at 251-476-3610.