Cut Commercial Cleaners, Cut Allergies

February 22, 2017

Your home is spotless. You’ve spent hours scrubbing and cleaning, and you’ve thrown in some air freshener as a final touch. The rest of Mobile, Alabama, would envy the cleanliness and fresh smell of your home. But if everything is so clean, why is your throat itchy? And why does your child get a headache whenever you clean? Commercial cleaners, unfortunately, are not everything they seem. Commercial cleaners contain chemicals that exacerbate allergies and other health issues. If you want your home to be both clean and allergy-free, consider cutting commercial cleaners for these more organic alternatives.

Commercial Chemical Cleaners

That synthetic citrus scent that you love is unfortunately one of the culprits. These “fragrances” actually emit dozens of chemicals, many of which are derived from petroleum products. The chemicals aren’t listed on the can or box, but are usually shrouded by a simple “fragrance” ingredient. Hazardous chemicals can be released by everything from dryer sheets, to laundry detergent, to (especially) air fresheners. When these cleaners or detergents are used, they can irritate the eyes and throat, cause headaches, and contribute to other health problems.

Alternatives to Chemical Cleaners

If you can’t use mirror cleaner, how will you get those stains off your mirror? How will you leave your home smelling fresh? Fortunately, nature has many alternatives to chemical cleaners. If you can’t live without your cleaners, then look for ones that are fragrance-free or naturally scented. Warm water and soap, however, is a natural alternative that usually gets the job done. If you need some extra scrubbing power, add some baking soda to the mix. For mirrors and windows, use a mix of water and vinegar.

To leave your home smelling as fresh as it would with an air freshener, use sliced lemons and some baking soda. Plants also absorb chemicals and odors.

Cleaning your home shouldn’t bring discomfort and irritation to you and your family. So cut those commercial cleaners, cut your allergies, and see what nature has to offer. For more help increasing the indoor air quality in your home, call Keith Air Conditioning, Inc. at 251-476-3610