Corrosion and Your Air Conditioner

June 16, 2017

The air conditioning system at your Loxley, Alabama, home, relies on an outdoor unit that houses the compressor and other important components. Since it remains outside at all times, it can suffer the effects of changing weather conditions. The rainfall, humidity, and other moisture in this area can lead to corrosion of your outdoor unit, but you can take some steps to prevent it.

Causes of Corrosion

The most common causes of corrosion on the outdoor air conditioning unit are damp conditions in the atmosphere, including humidity, rain, and snow. A housing typically protects the unit, but moisture can seep through the openings where air flows through, leading to corrosion of the metal components. Moisture can also cause damage and corrosion to the coils, which help provide cool air to the rooms within your home. Your outdoor unit also contains the compressor, which is one of the most expensive components, so it’s important to keep it protected to prevent expensive repairs.

Corrosion can also happen as a result of exposure to chemicals and acids. Some of these come from household cleaning products, so using natural products can help reduce the risk.

Corrosion Prevention

During the wettest months of the year in Loxley, you can take some steps to keep moisture out of your outdoor unit. Use a blanket designed for protecting the air conditioning unit or cover the top of it with a board to prevent water from seeping inside. Bring in an expert at least twice a year to clean the coils. During this maintenance service, a technician will remove deposits that can cause corrosion, which can also help improve efficiency.

You can apply a protective coating to the coils, something that is highly recommended in areas with high humidity. Options for coating of the coils include epoxy, silane, fluoropolymer, and polyurethane. An experienced HVAC technician should always handle the application of the protective coating.

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