Common A/C Problems You May Need to Fix

July 22, 2013

Air conditioners are a common everyday household item that needs to be properly maintained. One of the most common problems with air conditioners is poor installation (leading to leaky ducts and low airflow), inadequate servicing and maintenance, low refrigerant charge, and misuse such as operating the conditioner with windows and doors open. Let’s take a look at some other common A/C problems.

  • Refrigerant leaks: A low refrigerant level could mean two things: either an undercharged installation, or a leak. If it’s the latter, a trained technician should be consulted who can then take action to repair the leak and test out any repairs, before charging the system so it has the correct refrigerant levels for its manufacturer specifications. When refrigerant levels are correct, your air conditioner’s performance and efficiency should be greatly improved. Refrigerant leaks should also be corrected immediately, as they can harm the environment.
  • Dirty filters: This comes under the common A/C problem of inadequate maintenance. If you don’t regularly change or clean your filters, and allow conditioning coils to become clogged with dirt, they won’t function as efficiently. This can cause the fans or the compressor to fail, sometimes greatly shortening the life of your unit.
  • Electric control failure: Even if your conditioner is properly maintained, the fan controls and compressor can still wear out, especially if you use your air conditioner frequently and it is oversized. Electrical connections and contacts should also always be checked for corrosion by a professional during an annual service visit.
  • Sensor problems: Thermostat sensors are generally located behind your air conditioner’s control panel, and measure the temperature of the air which enters the evaporative coil. The sensor can get knocked out of place, causing your conditioner to cycle constantly, or behave in an unusual manner. The sensor should not touch the coil, but be near to it.
  • Drainage Issues: Ensure that the condensate drain is working correctly, and has not become clogged.

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