4 Reasons DIY HVAC Repair is a Bad Idea

July 28, 2017

There are many DIY projects you can do around your Daphne, Alabama, home, but HVAC repair shouldn’t be one of them. Only a licensed and certified HVAC technician should ever touch your system, and here are a few reasons why.

You Might Void Your Warranty

Attempting to repair an HVAC issue yourself voids the manufacturer’s warranty agreement. More than that, most warranties require an HVAC professional to provide your system with regular maintenance. Failing to uphold your end of the deal voids the warranty and could result in costly replacement or repair bills you could have otherwise avoided.

Safety Concerns

HVAC systems rely on chemicals and electricity to run, which can be fatal with improper handling. HVAC professionals know the risks and how to avoid them, and they have the proper certifications to handle dangerous chemicals. You simply don’t want to take the risk of injuring yourself — or worse.

Lack of Proper Training

It takes years for an HVAC technician to hone the skills required to tackle HVAC maintenance and repairs. In addition to spending time as an apprentice, an HVAC technician must be certified to use the proper equipment. At Keith Air Conditioning, our technicians have access to the latest tools, gauges, and safety equipment.

Mistakes are Expensive

Most DIYers take on a project because doing it yourself seems to cost less. When it comes to HVAC issues, however, a simple mistake can result in hundreds — if not thousands — of dollars in repair and replacement costs. It simply isn’t worth it. An HVAC system is an expensive piece of equipment that’s a worthwhile investment for your home, so don’t treat it like just any old tinkering project.

This isn’t to say that you can’t perform simple HVAC tasks. Homeowners should regularly change their air filters, clear the exterior unit, and keep an eye on the system for any signs of wear and tear. When it’s time to call in the professionals, contact Keith Air Conditioning at 251-476-3610 for all your maintenance needs.