3 Tips for Keeping Guests Comfortable During a Summer Party

June 10, 2016

comfort summer guests

As summer kicks into high gear, you’re itching to throw the first summer bash of the season. A summer party is a chance to reconnect with friends, let your hair down, and celebrate the season — but summer can make your home warmer and less comfortable for entertaining. Fortunately, keeping guests comfortable during a summer party in Daphne, Alabama, is simple with these helpful strategies.

Schedule HVAC Maintenance

A well-tuned air conditioner¬†functions more efficiently and more powerfully. Before you start whittling down the guest list, make an appointment with our HVAC contractors for a maintenance check. We’ll evaluate your air conditioner or heat pump and advise you of any issues. It’s better to get small issues repaired now than after your summer party. Plus, our knowledgeable techs can give you personalized advice for improved efficiency.

Serve Chilled Beverages and Snacks

When you drink cold beverages, you feel cooler. Consider serving frozen or iced treats, such as refreshing fruit smoothies so that your guests cool off even with the summer sun streaming through the windows. You can also help your guests stay comfortable with cold snacks. Fruit cups, summer salads, and cheese platters can contribute to greater comfort in the summer months than barbecue or chili con queso.

Set Up Fans

Ceiling and table fans don’t make the inside of your home cooler because they don’t affect the room temperature. They work by cooling body temperature. They can therefore go a long way toward making guests feel more comfortable. Set up fans in key areas of your home so guests can catch a breeze while they chat, dance, or watch sports. Set your ceiling fans to run counter-clockwise for that cooling effect in the hot months. You can also take fans outdoors if the party moves onto the patio. They’ll cool your outdoor space and help chase away pesky mosquitoes.

Many of us look forward to those great summer parties, but keeping guests comfortable is important if you want to make your party a hit. If you’re not sure your HVAC system is up to the task, give Keith Air Conditioning, Inc. a call today at 251-476-3610 to schedule an appointment.