3 Kinds of People to Avoid for Your AC Repairs

May 19, 2016

AC repair

If your air conditioner malfunctions during the summer in Mobile, Alabama, you might be tempted to hire anyone who claims to repair air conditioners. But if you hire someone who isn’t a trained HVAC professional to fix your air conditioner, you could face expensive problems. Learn why you should avoid hiring an overconfident friend, uninsured handyperson, or a shady company making lowball offers for AC repairs.

The Overconfident Friend

If you mention your air conditioner is malfunctioning to a friend who claims to know about air conditioning, you may get a volunteer offer for help. Your friend may claim to have fixed similar problems before and tell you your problem is no big deal. Smart homeowners, however, would be wise to decline these offers.

The North American Technician Excellence (NATE) certification program trains technicians to meet HVAC industry standards. When you hire a NATE-certified technician, you can feel confident knowing that a professional is working on your repair job.

The Uninsured Handyperson

Open the newspaper and you’ll find announcements for people advertising their repair skills. Research and referrals will prove very important to make sure that decision doesn’t turn into a nightmare. Of course, anyone working on your system should have the right insurance and licenses. It is also important to ensure they have the right skills and experience.

On the job, someone who is uninsured may get hurt or cause damage to your home. Without insurance, the responsibility for these costs may become yours. Don’t take the risk — hire only a professional HVAC contractor.

The Contractor With the Lowball Offers

Unexpected repairs to your air conditioning system and demands on your finances may have you scrambling to find the lowest price for repairs. Selecting a contractor by competitive pricing is fine, but don’t fall for shady companies that give you a lowball estimate. Unscrupulous contractors make money by having you pay for expensive equipment, unnecessary services, or repairs that were never made.

You deserve fair and professional HVAC service. Keith Air Conditioning, Inc. has served Mobile, Alabama, and its surrounding communities since 1964. Our NATE-certified technicians are available 24/7 for emergency air conditioning repairs. Contact us at 251-476-3610.