3 Efficient HVAC Systems

October 17, 2016

efficient HVAC systems

A newer, more efficient heating and air conditioning system will lower the utility bills for your Fairhope, Alabama, home and help the environment. Replacing a system that’s more than 10 years old will also prevent expensive, uncomfortable breakdowns. Some of the most efficient types of HVAC systems that will make a great difference in comfort and savings include geothermal, ductless, and packaged units.

Geothermal Systems

Geothermal heat pumps use the constant temperatures below the ground to heat and cool your home. They transfer heat inside during cold weather and outside when it’s warmer using underground pipes filled with water or refrigerant. Geothermal HVAC systems use less energy than standard furnaces because they move heat rather than produce it. Many geothermal systems such as the ComfortTM Geothermal Heat Pump GB also work as efficient water heaters.

Ductless Heating and Cooling

Ductless or mini-split HVAC systems have one or more indoor units that hang on walls or ceilings, connected to an outdoor condenser or compressor by a narrow conduit. Ductless systems are more efficient than standard systems because they don’t have to move air through ducts. These HVAC systems often have a thermostat for each indoor unit so you can adjust the temperatures in different areas independently and avoid conditioning empty rooms. Keith Air Conditioning, Inc. offers efficient models such as the ultra-quiet Infinity Residential Ductless Multi-Zone Heat Pump System 38GJQ/40GJ that can effectively serve your heating and cooling needs.

Packaged HVAC Systems

Packaged HVAC systems come from the factory assembled in a compact casing, so installation is faster and easier. They come in several sizes, and you can use more than one unit to control separate zones, similar to a ductless system with zoning. You can choose a wall-mounted, window, or rooftop unit that’s more efficient than a conventional system with indoor and outdoor components. The Performance™ 14 Packaged Air Conditioner System 50VL-A is just one of many units that might fit your budget and your home’s unique HVAC needs.

Keith Air Conditioning, Inc. can help you decide which type of HVAC system would be best for you and your family. We can install, maintain, and repair a range of heating and air conditioning systems and equipment. Call us anytime at 251-476-3610 for expert service.