3 Common Indoor Allergens

September 14, 2016

indoor allergens

Indoor allergens can cause coughing, sneezing, nosebleeds, watery or itchy eyes, headaches, asthma attacks, skin irritation, and other problems. If you have flu-like symptoms that seem to be always present, you probably have allergies instead of a cold or flu. Some of the most common indoor allergens in your Mobile, Alabama, home are pests, molds, and pet dander.


Many household pests including dust mites, cockroaches, and mice cause allergies. Dust mites can easily become a problem in your home. They eat the organic matter like pieces of human skin that help to make up dust particles. Dust and vacuum often and keep the humidity in your home low to avoid them. You should also make it a point of duty to change your HVAC system’s air filter once per month. The droppings and other waste from cockroaches and mice can cause allergies and even serious illness. Keep your kitchen clean and take out your trash regularly, so you don’t attract pests.


Some types of mold make mycotoxins that can cause allergy symptoms. Mold thrives in our humid weather, and mold spores cause hay fever, also called allergic rhinitis. Mold can grow on insulation, behind walls, in carpeting, and even inside your ductwork. To prevent mold growth and make your home more comfortable, use a dehumidifier. You should also open your air registers and check your ductwork at least once per year. If you see mold, pest droppings, or a large amount of dust, have it cleaned by a professional.

Pet Dander

Dogs and cats shed small pieces of skin called dander which clings to carpets, furniture, and pet owners’ clothing. You could be exposed even if you don’t have pets if you spend a lot of time around cat or dog owners. Use an air purifier to remove pet dander from your home, and if you have pets, bathe them regularly.

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