3 Advantages of Zoned Air Conditioning

May 16, 2016

zoned air conditioning

Cooling your Loxley, Alabama, home to a single temperature may not keep everyone in your family comfortable. By using easy-to-install zoned air conditioning, find out how you can customize the temperature in different rooms of your home to keep everyone happy while saving money on your energy bill.

How Zoned Air Conditioning Works

Zoned air conditioning is usually achieved with a heat pump system or a ductless mini-split system. These systems can both cool and heat your home. Heat pumps have two parts, an outdoor compressor unit, and an inside air handler. A small conduit connects these two units.

By connecting the outdoor compressor to multiple indoor air handlers, you can control the temperature in different zones in your home.

Customizable Comfort

Some family members may not appreciate having the living area set to the same temperature as the home office. With zoned air conditioning, specific areas of your home can each have a thermostat. With separate thermostats, your family members don’t need to fight over the thermostat settings.

Improved Efficiency

If your house has difficult-to-cool rooms, such as lofts or areas with large windows, you’ll appreciate zoned air conditioning. Heat pumps allow you to cool specific areas and leave lesser-used zones at a warmer temperature. Using zoned air conditioning consumes less energy than cooling the entire house, a choice that can save you money on electricity costs.

Easy Integration

Even if you already have an HVAC system in your Alabama home, you’ll be happy to know that zoned air conditioning, through a heat pump or ductless mini-split system, is still an option.

Heat pumps are unobtrusive and easy to install. Typically, the indoor air handler is mounted high on the wall and connected to the outside compressor with a three-inch conduit. The installation can be quickly and easily accomplished with a professional HVAC contractor, like the ones you find at Keith Air Conditioning, Inc. We will work efficiently so that your comfort is not affected.

Our service professionals at Keith Air Conditioning, Inc. can help you select the heating and cooling equipment that’s right for your Loxley, Alabama, home. Learn more about zoned air conditioning by calling us today at 251-476-3610.